1. 5 Things You Did Not Know about Carpenter Ants

FEBRUARY 24 2022 /

5 Things You Did Not Know about Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants may not get as much press time that termites usually do, but these destructive ants can do similar damage to your home or business.

They are a large dark ant that will enter homes while they are foraging for food. They can be a nuisance, but of much more importance is the fact that they burrow through wood, creating tunnels and nests.

This damage usually is found in damp, decaying, or hollow wood but can extend to hard, dry wood as well where carpenter ants nest.

The most worrisome possibility is ants damaging structural beams that can weaken the strength of your home.

Carpenter ants don't actually eat wood like termites do, the excavators actually chew up the wood and then spit it out. 


5 Interesting Facts About Carpenter Ants:

⭐ These hard-working ants can lift up to seven times their own weight with their teeth.

⭐ They are very tidy ants that will remove old food and dead ants from their nests.

⭐ While they work they collect resin that will disinfect their nests. 

⭐ They don’t need to see, they follow pheromone trails that other ants secrete.

⭐ When Carpenter ant bites you they can inject acid into your skin, which can be quite painful.


When Are Carpenter Ants Found In Houses?

Furthermore, carpenter ants can be active in homes all year long, even through the winter when homes offer warm protection from the elements.

They can live up to 25 years, make millions of offspring, and create multiple hidden satellite colonies with each colony containing up to 50,000 workers.

Which makes it very hard to stop or eliminate carpenter ants in houses, unless you enlist the help of a professional pest control company like American Pest in Washington  D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland. 


How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In My House

When you compare DIY alternatives to professional pest control of carpenter ants, the professionals win hands down.

With DIY prevention you may lack the pest knowledge that the experienced professionals have to ensure your efforts are 100% effective.

DIY methods take up a lot of your time and effort, but if you call on us at American Pest we can take care of it all for you. DIY pest control can be dangerous when working with chemicals, and often it's not even that even cost-effective.

Your biggest risk is that after DIY pest control, the pests may have nothing to stop them from returning time and time again.

Don’t waste your time and money on DIY pest control that isn't guaranteed to work when you can call on the professionals at American Pest and be guaranteed success in eliminating and in preventing pests.

When it comes to carpenter ants and other pests, we recommend our Preferred Care residential pest control services, which affects the removal of ants and other common invaders through regularly scheduled treatments every other month.

Our guarantee, the Pest Free Pledge, promises you that if pests return between visits, so do we at no additional charge. Don’t let carpenter ants destroy your home, give us a call today at American Pest serving Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland.