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Burton is a excellent place to live, nestled within Montgomery County, Maryland. People choose to live in Burtonsville, MD for many different reasons, including great neighbors, affordable housing, access to green space, and an easy commute to the city. Pests like ants, ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs and rodents also love Burtonsville, but luckily so does American Pest.

At American Pest will do everything we can to protect your property and possessions from damaging and dangerous pests. We are a local company that provides advanced quality services that meet the unique needs of Burtonsville residents.

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Control For Ants And Other Bugs In Burtonsville, MD

Ants are a common pest problem for homeowners across the country and Burtonsville homes are unfortunately not immune to their infestations. The best way to prevent ants and other pests from invading your home is to implement a year-round pest control program.

Through routine service visits, you will be sure that any current problems with ants will be taken care of and future problems with ants or any other pest will be stopped. Let the pros at American Pest take the stress of pest control off of your already full plate!

Depending on the individual needs of your Burtonsville home, you can choose from one of our 3 different pest control protection services: our Preferred Care plan, our Preferred Care Plus plan, and our most comprehensive plan the Preferred Care Complete plan.

  • Preferred Care- This basic, but very effective plan, includes protection for your home from over 30 common pests, the sealing of pest entry points, rodent monitoring and control, and prompt treatment of existing pest problems. Our technicians will complete seasonal treatments to control pests in and around your home.

  • Preferred Care Plus- This plan provides our customers with everything included in our basic program with the addition of termite monitoring. Don’t leave the chance of discovering a termite infestation up in the air; find out about a termite threat sooner than later with year round pest control services from American Pest.

  • Preferred Care Complete- This plan provides our customers with all the benefits of our Preferred Care Plus plan with the addition of termite control services to eliminate termites from your home quickly and safely.


Buying Or Selling A Home In Burtonsville?

Whether you have decided to purchase a home in Burtonsville or are selling one, there is one thing that should definitely be on your to-do list, and that’s a home inspection. Scheduling a home inspection is important on either end of the buying or selling process to ensure that any pest issues, especially termite issues, are discovered and addressed as quickly as possible.

A home inspection will allow the pest in question, whether that may be bed bugs, termites, mice, or others to be identified by a trained professional so that effective treatment options can be recommended, chosen and completed; allowing you to move on with the buying or selling process.

Don’t get caught off guard, be proactive with a home inspection from the highly trained and experienced inspectors here at American Pest. To schedule a home inspection, contact us today!


Tick Control In Burtonsville, MD

Ticks are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of their hosts. They are a dangerous pest to have on your property because they carry and transmit a variety of dangerous and debilitating diseases.

The black legged (deer) tick is responsible for spreading the very serious disease called Lyme. Lyme disease has become a concern for people in Burtonsville and across the country as well. In general, where wildlife is present, ticks are also and controlling them is difficult without help from a professional. If ticks are being found on your pets or anyone at your property after they have spent time outside, then the best solution is to have your yard treated.

American Pest’s board certified entomologists have created an effective program to control tick problems on Burtonsville properties. Our tick control program works to safely treat your lawn. This program begins with an inspection of your property to determine where ticks may be hiding and breeding and once a month treatments for a period of 6-7 months.

Here are some other things that you can do to help prevent tick problems:

  • Make sure that any pets living in your home and that spend time outside are treated under the guidance of their veterinarian with a tick preventative.

  • Under the recommendation of your family doctor, use a tick spray with DEET or Permethrin to help repel and kill ticks.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed short and remove piles of leaves and other debris.


Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes start to emerge and become a nuisance in Maryland around March and will stay thru October. Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of animals and people in order to get the proteins they need to create their eggs.

These bites leave behind annoying, raised, red and itchy welts. Mosquitoes have been in recent headlines for causing Zika outbreaks in other parts of the world. In our area mosquitoes are known for transmitting several diseases including the very serious West Nile virus.

While it may seem only bad news is associated with mosquitoes there is some good news, American Pest has developed a very effective mosquito control program to reduce their numbers around Burtonsville properties. Mosquito treatments are performed over a period of 6-7 months using a three-step treatment process.

  • Step one- A thorough inspection of your property is completed by one of American Pest’s professionals to identify mosquito living and breeding sites.

  • Step two- Treatment using a specialized misting system applied to foliage areas around your property, with special attention being paid to areas that retain moisture (bushes, shrubs, under decks, etc.).

  • Step three- Limit mosquito breeding areas by treating those areas with a biological mosquito larvicide. This stops the larvae from developing into the biting and disease transmitting adults.


Why Choose American Pest

At American Pest, we pride ourselves in being a locally owned and operated company who employs local people that have a commitment and understanding of the area that they are serving. American Pest and our employees understand the unique needs of people living here in Burtonsville and surrounding areas and we have the knowledge, experience and up-to-date technology needed to handle any pest situation big or small!

At American Pest, we also understand that not everyone wants or needs the same exact pest control services; which is why we take the time to sit down with our customers and commit to ensuring that the pest control services we are providing them are unique to their individual needs.

All of our programs are developed under the guidance of our staff entomologists with the environment and your safety first and foremost! Contact our professionals today to see why American Pest is the best choice for all your Burtonsville, Maryland’s home or businesses pest control needs!

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