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Clarksville, MD Pest Control Services

Clarksville is known for its residential neighborhoods that are home to stunning properties. Keeping your Clarksville home free of common pests that can invade any Howard County property is a task that should be left up to Maryland’s premier pest control company.

American Pest has been in the business of pest control since 1925 and we offer our residential and business customers the most advanced, eco-friendly pest control services found in the business. The experienced professionals here at American Pest are able to protect your Clarksville property from a variety of common pests including ants, spiders, box elder bugs, mice, silverfish, stink bugs, bed bugs, and termites. Whatever the pest, we have a solution!


Home Pest Control in Clarksville, MD

A home pest control program is the best way to protect your home from insects and rodents throughout the entire year. Pests don’t ever take a break and neither should your pest control services. At American Pest, all of our home pest control programs can be customized to fit your Clarksville home’s unique needs.

All of our home pest control programs build off our Preferred Care program which provides seasonal (4) treatments for existing pest problems, protects homes against over 30 common household pests, seals pest entry points around your home, and provides rodent monitoring and control services. Our next program is the Preferred Care Plus program which offers the added benefit of termite monitoring.

Our most inclusive program, the Preferred Care Complete Termite program, provides termite monitoring and control through the installation of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.

All three of our programs also provide our customers with added peace of mind through our Pest Free Pledge Guarantee- if pests return to your home between our scheduled visits so will we - for free!

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Clarksville, MD Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are a problem for all homeowners living across Maryland. A homeowner can come into contact with bed bugs in virtually any public place and unknowingly introduce them into their home. Bed bugs thrive in any property that provides them with their preferred food source, which, unfortunately for us, is human blood.

The only way to completely eliminate bed bugs from your Clarksville home is to put in place a professional bed bug control program. At American Pest, we can successfully get rid of any bed bug infestation with our bed bug services that are performed by our most experienced, highly trained, and qualified technicians.

In order to control and treat bed bugs in your Clarksville home, routine bed bug inspections should be scheduled. Routine bed bug inspections are a good way to discover a small bed bug issue in your home before it has a chance to become a large issue. We complete very accurate inspections with the help of our K-9 inspection dogs.

If bed bugs are discovered, we can eliminate them with heat treatments that are very effective, non-invasive, and eco-friendly. American Pest also has the experience needed to eliminate bed bugs from a home using conventional insecticide treatments if that is deemed the best option.

Give us a call or a click today to schedule a bed bug inspection and start protecting your Clarksville home from these invasive parasitic pests!


Commercial Pest Services in Clarksville, Maryland

Protecting your Clarksville property from insects, mice, and other pests is important for many reasons. Pests can destroy your products, introduce diseases to your staff and customers, become a huge nuisance within your facility, and cause damage to the structural integrity of your property. Pest infestations can also tarnish your business’s good reputation that you have been meticulously building within the Clarksville community.

At American Pest, we have established a very effective commercial pest control program that was developed in conjunction with our staff entomologists.

Our program includes a professional survey of your property to help locate pest entry points and areas of activity, the targeted treatment of pests, the analyzation of the outcome of our treatment services, and a report with our findings to help you prevent future pest issues in your commercial property.

We also offer our commercial customers emergency pest control services. Our Customer Care Center is staffed locally and is available 24 hours a day to help you with any unforeseen pest problems. Also, if in between our service visits a covered pest problem comes up, we will send one of our pest control technicians back to take care of the problem and no charge to you.


Clarksville Termite Control

Termites live outside but often accidentally wander into Maryland homes while foraging for food. Once they gain access, they will decide to stay and feed on the structural wood of your Clarksville home. Termites are often in homes for weeks, months, or even years before a homeowner becomes aware of their presence.

Damages from termites can lead to the weakening of the structural integrity of your home which is a very serious issue that can lead to stress and be very costly and time-consuming to repair. Let our trusted termite exterminators protect your Clarksville home from these damaging insects.

Here at American Pest, we protect properties from termites through the following services: a thorough termite inspection performed by one of our experienced inspectors, the installation of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, continuous monitoring for new termite infestations, and regular maintenance on the Sentricon system that has been installed on your property.

Begin protecting your investment from termites today; contact the termite control experts at American Pest!

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