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College Park, MD Pest Control Services

Living in College Park, Maryland has many wonderful benefits. Some of these benefits include it's quiet residential streets, luxury housing complexes, a bustling downtown, ample recreational opportunities, its very quick commute to Washington D.C., and of course being home to the University of Maryland.

Another benefit to living in College Park is that American Pest is also here to protect your home, property, and/or business from pests that also like to call College Park home. American Pest protects homes has been protecting homes across Prince George's County for decades, and we can handle any pest pressures you might be facing.

With American Pest on your side you can be sure that your College Park home, business or property will be free of common pests like bed bugs, rodents, ants, spiders, and that mosquito and tick numbers will be limited. Just like living in College Park, choosing American Pest is the “smart” decision to make!

Bed Bug Control In College Park MD

Bed bugs can become big issues in many cities and unfortunately, College Park is no exception. The good news about bed bugs is that they aren’t known to carry or transmit any diseases, but the bad news is that they do feed off of human blood, are extremely invasive, and are difficult to eliminate without professional assistance.

At American Pest our professionals we can confirm a bed bug infestation through the use of our highly successful and thorough K-9 inspection dogs. Our dogs have highly trained noses that are capable of finding even the most hidden bed bug adults, eggs, or nymphs. If there is confirmation of a bed bug presence, we'll then work with you for an effective, efficient and successful elimination plan.

The most effective treatment against bed bugs is heat. By introducing specialized mobile heaters into your home we can increase the air temperature to a specific level that bed bugs, their eggs or larvae can't survive at. This heated air is then circulated throughout your College Park home infiltrating the floors, walls, mattresses, box springs, and personal items and killing any and all stages of bed bugs that are present. This treatment usually only needs to happen once and because it is non-toxic you can re-enter into your home the same day. We can then provide mattress and box spring encasements to help prevent future problems with bed bugs!

Depending on our customer’s needs we also have the option of conventional liquid treatment. Contact us today for more information about our quality bed bug treatment options.

College Park Mosquito Control And Tick Control Services

Controlling parasitic mosquito and ticks on your College Park property is not only important because they are super annoying, but also because they can be very dangerous. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit the very serious West Nile virus and the Zika virus, among others, and deer ticks which are common in our region can carry and spread Lyme disease. Mosquitoes and ticks can never be completely eliminated from properties but their numbers can be greatly reduced with proper treatment.

Both ticks and mosquitoes start to become active in the early spring (March) due to the rainy weather and increase in temperature. They build their numbers all summer until the weather cools in late October. At American Pest we treat for both of these species 6-7 times between the months of March and October. We have developed at three pronged attack when it comes to these pests and treatment is performed by our highly trained and experienced experts.

  1. A thorough inspection of your property to identify living and breeding sites.

  2. Treatment using a specialized misting system is then applied to foliage areas around your property, paying special attention to areas that retain moisture (bushes, shrubs, under decks).

  3. Limiting mosquito breeding areas by treating those areas with a biological mosquito larvicide. This stops the larvae from developing into adults.

Commercial Pest Control In College Park

Here at American Pest, we understand how important quality and safe pest control is to businesses located in College Park. Pest problems that arise in a business can cost time, money, inventory, and unfortunately a good reputation. The experts here at American Pest have developed quality commercial pest control services that meet that needs of the varying business community that is found here in College Park.

The commercial pest control program developed at American Pest targets a variety of nuisance and dangerous pests that can invade commercial properties including ants, cockroaches and rodents. This program provides safe, effective, comprehensive pest control that is client driven.

Our team of certified pest control professionals will provide commercial pest control services that include a plan of action to get rid of immediate pest problems and the implementation of exclusion techniques to help stop future problems through our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management:

  • Survey (S) of your property to located pest activity and entrance points.

  • Targeted (T) treatment of pest problems.

  • An analyzation (A) of the treatment outcome.

  • A written report (R) of the findings will be given to you to help prevent future problems with pests.

If a covered pest problem pops-up between service visits, we will return at no extra cost. We also offer emergency pest control services should an immediate need for our services happen.

Contact American Pest today for more information about any of our pest control services or our other services which include:

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