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Professional Pest Control in Davidsonville

Davidsonville, Maryland is a quiet community located in central Anne Arundel County. It is a small community that is made up mostly of farms and suburban developments. Along with people enjoying the rural atmosphere of Davidsonville, so do pests. Spiders, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, centipedes, flies, stink bugs, and rodents are all common pests in Davidsonville.

Luckily they can all be eliminated through the fast and effective pest control services offered by American Pest. Whether you live in a large city or a more rural area like Davidsonville, we have the experience and services needed to safely control and eliminate pests!


Home Pest Control in Davidsonville

Pests can become a huge problem in any home. Pests like insects and rodents are very skilled at finding the tiniest of spaces to wiggle through in order to make their way into your house and once inside they have no problem making themselves right at home. They will live and nest behind walls, in crawl spaces, closets, attics, basements or wherever else they feel comfortable.

Then they'll crawl, run, or fly through your home feeding on your personal belongings and food that is being stored in your kitchen, on counters, or in the pantry. Pests are more than just a nuisance because they can introduce bacteria and diseases into your home which can end up making you or your family members very ill.

Along with putting into place your own preventative measures like sealing openings in the exterior walls and foundation of your house, trimming landscaping back away from it, reducing humidity inside, and storing food properly, implementing a home pest control program is the best way to treat, eliminate, and continuously control pests within your Davidsonville home.

American Pest offers three levels of year-round pest control programs to meet everyone's pest control needs. To learn about our Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus, and Preferred Care Complete year-round pest control program, contact us today!

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Mosquito Control In Davidsonville MD

Mosquitoes have become more than just a summertime nuisance to deal with as they have the ability to transmit some pretty serious diseases. Mosquitoes breed very quickly, take over your property, and along with the possibility of spreading diseases, they leave behind red, raised, itchy welts all over your body. Why deal with these blood sucking parasites when there is an easy, affordable solution available?

While mosquitoes can’t ever be completely eliminated their numbers can be greatly reduced through professional mosquito remediation services. Here at American Pest, we can reduce mosquito numbers on properties throughout the entire active season. Treatment begins with an inspection of your property to locate breeding spots and daytime mosquito resting areas. Then we provide 6-7 treatments from March thru October around your yard using a special misting system, and we treat breeding areas with a biological larvicide to halt larvae development.

Davidsonville Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are often thought of as a problem found in large cities with a large population of people, and since Davidsonville isn't a large city, bed bugs shouldn’t be a problem right? Wrong. Bed bugs can pretty much be found just about anywhere where people frequent. While bed bugs are most often picked up in public places they can also be picked up anywhere and be accidentally brought into any home no matter if it's in a city or in the country. Common places that bed bugs are found include second-hand stores, libraries, movie theaters, shopping centers, public transportation, rental cars, and airports.

The best way to protect your Davidsonville home from bed bugs is to schedule routine bed bug inspections. Bed bug inspections are a great way to determine if your home is free of these blood sucking pests and if bed bug treatment may be needed. Here at American Pest, we perform very accurate and thorough inspections with the help of our K-9 inspection dogs.

If treatment is necessary then we can use very effective, non-invasive, and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments. Sometimes the environment or infestation is actually more conducive to using conventional insecticide treatments instead of heat treatments. Whichever treatment is used you can be sure of one thing- the bed bugs that have made their way into your Davidsonville home will be completely eliminated!


Why Choose American Pest for Davidsonville pest control

American Pest is a locally owned and operated company. We understand the needs of our customers because we live here too. We pride ourselves in offering our customers customized services. Sitting down and talking with each of our customers to make sure the services we are providing are meeting individual needs and expectations is a crucial aspect of the complete pest control services that we provide.

We have a wide variety of services available that have been developed under the guidance of our staff entomologists. By choosing American Pest you will have the peace of mind in knowing that all of our pest control services are designed with you, your family, and the environment in mind and all the while being tough on pests!

Contact our professionals today to see for yourself why American Pest is the best choice for you and your Davidsonville home!

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