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Deale is a lovely Maryland community that provides its residents with a scenic view of the Chesapeake Bay and is a place that many boaters enjoy to visit and live. To protect your home and property from the Maryland pests that thrive in the beautiful and plentiful outdoor spaces found in Deale, trust the local pest control experts at American Pest.

We are dedicated to providing the most modern, effective, affordable, and eco-friendly pest control services possible. Whether you are looking to eliminate a specific pest from your home or are looking for general year-round pest control, American Pest has the services needed to accurately identify, find, treat, and control a wide variety of insects and rodents.

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Residential Pest Control in Deale, MD

In Maryland, the unfortunate truth is that pests thrive and are active year-round. The best way to prevent them from making their way into your Deale home no matter what season it is, is to implement one of American Pest’s Preferred Care Plans.

Our most comprehensive plan is our Preferred Care Complete Plan, which delivers protection for your home against over 30 common household pests.

It includes 6 visits per year, the treatment of existing pests, the sealing of entry points found around your home, rodent monitoring and control services, and termite monitoring and control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

In addition to the Preferred Care Complete Plan we also offer the following residential pest control plans:

  • Preferred Care - Pest Control

  • Preferred Care Plus - Pest Control + Termite Monitoring

  • Mosquito and tick program - Seasonal mosquito and tick control

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Silverfish Prevention Tips for Deale, MD Residents

Have you ever heard of a silverfish? If you haven’t maybe you have seen one wriggling around your home but just couldn’t put a name to the critter. Silverfish are tear-dropped shaped insects that are brown in color and are covered with silvery scales.

They are wingless but they are able to get around very quickly and efficiently by moving their body in a wiggly fish-like manner. Silverfish often find their way inside of homes through cracks in the exterior walls and foundation, and through gaps found underneath of doors.

If silverfish are in your home you will most likely see them in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room or any other part of your home that has high humidity levels. Having silverfish living inside of your home is more than just a nuisance, as silverfish feed on clothing, furniture, photos, books, and wallpaper they create holes and damage the items; they have the ability to contaminate dry goods that are being stored in the pantry of your home as well.

In addition to putting into place a year-round residential pest control program from the professionals at American Pest, the following tips can help to keep these critters out of your Deale home:

  • Place a rock barrier between your home’s foundation and any grass, mulch or soil

  • Inspect the interior and exterior of your home replacing or fixing any leaky faucets, fixtures, or pipes

  • Place dehumidifiers in basement areas

  • Make sure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated

  • Place ventilating fans in all bathrooms

  • Seal cracks or gaps found in the foundation or around utilities entering into your home

  • Make sure that all exterior doors have door sweeps placed on them


Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Deale, MD

American Pest and all of our highly trained professionals are committed to providing Maryland business owners with industry-leading, effective, customized pest control services. Keeping pests away from your business will protect your facility, product, bottom line, customers, and employees.

We are a QualityPro Green company, accredited by the National Pest Management Association, and our commercial pest control programs offer exceptional, comprehensive commercial pest control services.

We provide our customers with a professional survey of your property, the targeted treatment of pests, the analysis of treatment outcomes, and much more. Get in touch with us today to get started protecting your Deale business from invasive and damaging pests the easy and affordable way, by partnering with American Pest!


Learn How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Deale, MD

Avoiding bed bugs entering into your home is a difficult task, as they can be introduced in many different ways.

  • Your children could bring them home in their backpacks or on their clothing after school

  • A friend or relative that is visiting could accidentally introduce them into your home

  • Along with souvenirs, bed bugs could come home inside of your suitcase after traveling

  • After spending the afternoon out and about running errands, you could unknowingly bring them home in your purse or shopping bags

To help avoid these parasitic, blood-feeding pests being introduced into your home and causing a large scale infestation, the professionals at American Pest recommend the following bed bug prevention tips:

  • Never leave coats, bags, purses or other belongings on the floor of public places

  • Routinely wash coats and other outerwear that you and your family wear on a daily basis in hot water and follow-up with a spin in the dryer on the hottest setting

  • Know how to identify bed bug adults and nymphs

  • Know what the early signs of a bed bug infestation are

  • Schedule routine bed bug inspection from the trained professionals at American Pest


To schedule a bed bug inspection for your Deale property or to learn all the details about American Pest’s bed bug control solutions, get in touch with American Pest and our bed bug professionals today!

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