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How to Keep Pests Out of Your Glenwood Home

The best way to control pest issues in your home is not to treat them after they make their way into your home, but to put into place measures to prevent them from even occurring. 

When pests (think mice, termites, spiders, ants etc.) enter your Howard County home they can cause major structural damage, destroy personal property, bring disease and in general become a large nuisance.  Using exclusion techniques to prevent these types pests from entering your Glenwood, Maryland home will ensure that no or minimal amounts of pesticides will have to be used to treat pest problems.

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Pest Prevention Tips From American Pest

Exclusion (or keeping pests out) works by repairing areas around your home that allow pests access to your home, along with eliminating elements like food, water and shelter. 

Ants, stink bugs, termites and other insects as well as mice and rodents will enter into your home through cracks and spaces in your home’s foundation; sealing up these spaces is a great way to prevent pests from getting in. 

Making sure that gaps and spaces around doors and windows are caulked and that screens are completely intact will also eliminate opportunities for pests seeking entry.  Place a fitted cap on your chimney, as this is a favorite entrance for pests.  You should also:

  • Store your garbage in bins with a tight fitting lid away from your home

  • Keep areas like gardens and compost piles a good distance from your home if possible

  • Refrain from leaving food or open packages of food on the counters where it is easy for pests to access

  • Store produce in the refrigerator and dry goods in sealed containers

  • Make sure that any leaky pipes are fixed so that a water source is not being provided

  • Keep your home neat and tidy in order to discourage pests from hiding and nesting in the home


Now, if pests are already a problem in your home or on your property, do not be disheartened; find out how American Pest’s home pest control in Glenwood can help!


Glenwood Pest Control Services

If pests have already found their way into your home, the best way to completely eliminate them and prevent future infestations is to find an effective Glenwood home pest control program. 

Pests like termites require immediate attention if they are found; they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and the only sure way to know that an infestation has been eliminated is by using a professional Maryland exterminator. 

If you are a homeowners living in Glenwood, Howard County or elsewhere in Maryland, American Pest offers residential pest control that will protect your home and family from invading pests.  We understand that each families and homes needs are different and therefore offer three different levels of protection:

  • Preferred Care- This plan includes 6 visits per year protecting your home against general pests. This includes the guarantee that if pests return between visits we will come back and treat at no cost to you.

  • Preferred Care Plus- All the benefits of the Preferred Care program with the addition of termite monitoring, mosquito control service and/or tick reduction services.

  • Preferred Care Complete- The plan includes 6 visits per year against general pests including termite control.  It also includes, mosquito control service and/or tick reduction services.

Along with our termite and pest control for common household pests, we also offer homeowners:

  • Stink bug reductions services

  • Bed bug control services

  • Mosquito mitigation


For our commercial customers we offer commercial pest control, bird, termite and rodent control as well as K9 bed bug inspections, bed bug heat treatments and other solutions for bed bugs. Contact American Pest for more information on termite and pest control in Glenwood, Maryland.


An Experienced MD Pest Control Company 

If you are in need of Glenwood pest control or termite control, please contact American Pest.  Our experienced pest control professionals will eliminate your current pest problem and implement a plan to keep ants and other pests away from your home and/or company in the future. 

We are a locally owned, family operated MD pest control company that has been serving Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia since 1925; you can count on us to evict your unwanted guests quickly, efficiently and in the most eco-friendly manner possible.  Call us today for detailed information about any of our pest control services!

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