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Lisbon is a small town located in western Howard County, Maryland. It is home to sprawling farms, family friendly neighborhoods, Maryland’s first roundabout, and is an easy commute for its residents to larger Maryland cities.

Bed bugs are a common problem for home and business owners throughout Maryland. Bed bugs do not discriminate and can invade any property, at any time, in any sized city.

The pest control experts here at American Pest are very experienced when it comes to eliminating and controlling bed bugs and can do so in a modern, eco-friendly, and safe manner. We are proud to be able to provide bed bug control services that our customers have come to count on and trust!

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed only on the blood of people and animals, favoring human blood.

Bed bugs were once mainly problematic in developing countries, but have been spreading quickly throughout North America and parts of Europe over the last few decades; this is thought to be because of the ban on DDT and the ease and affordability of international travel.

Bed Bugs are reddish-brown and have a flat, oval-shaped body that grows to about ¼ of an inch in length. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices that they find during the day and emerge at night to feed.

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Before we talk about why bed bugs are in your Lisbon home or business, let’s first talk about why they aren’t there.

They aren’t in your home or business because it is cluttered, dusty, or dirty; and they aren’t in your home or business because it is too big, too small, or because too many people are living or working inside.

The truth is, bed bugs do not discriminate and have the potential to invade any property, as long as one thing is present - a food source.

Bed bugs are usually introduced into a home or business after a person has unknowingly come into contact with them in a public place; bed bugs can be found in shopping centers, hotels, motels, libraries, movie theaters, airports, dormitories, and other similar places. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump; so instead, they crawl onto a person or into their belongings and hitchhike their way into a new home or business.


What Are The Signs Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestations are stressful and cause sleepless nights, and we understand that no one can sleep soundly knowing that tiny bugs are feeding on their blood.

One way to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to bed bugs is to know what the signs of an infestation are.

The faster a bed bug infestation is noticed, the faster American Pest’s bed bug control services can be sought, and the faster these parasitic pests can be eliminated from your Lisbon property.


Listed below are the common signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Waking to unexplained, itchy red welts on your skin (similar in appearance to mosquito bites). These bites are usually in groups of 3 or 4 and are situated in a straight line. Bites from bed bugs are usually found on the neck, arms, legs, hands, and feet - all areas of the body that are generally exposed while sleeping.

  • Finding red dots of dried blood on mattresses, box springs, and linens; these drops of blood are usually from bed bugs that have been squished or are drops that have fallen while the bed bug was feeding.

  • Noticing dark black flecks (bed bug excrement) on linens, mattresses, and box springs.

  • Finding piles of bed bug skins or dead bed bugs in the crevices of mattresses or along the floor.

  • In the case of a very large infestation, you may notice a sweet, musty odor that is likened to rotting raspberries.


If you notice, or even think you notice, any signs of a bed bug infestation in your home or business, you should immediately contact American Pest to schedule a bed bug inspection of your Lisbon property.


Lisbon Bed Bug Exterminators

To eliminate a bed bug infestation in your Lisbon property, trust the experienced experts here at American Pest. We have developed very safe, non-invasive, effective strategies that eliminate and control all stages of bed bugs quickly.


American Pest’s bed bug control services include:

K-9 Bed Bug Detection

At American Pest we believe in the power of our highly trained k-9 inspectors. Our K-9 bed bug dog detection teams can quickly inspect a property, finding adults, nymphs, and eggs in even the most difficult and hard to reach areas. Not only do our K-9 inspectors work fast; but while working, they are non-invasive and cause minimal disruption to your home or business.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Using heat to kill bed bugs is a very effective, non-invasive, and environmentally sound method of bed bug control. Special mobile heaters are introduced into your property and used to maintain a specific temperature (120⁰F-135⁰F) in your home which kills all the stages of bed bugs present.

Generally, only one treatment is needed (bed bugs can’t survive high heat temperatures), and you can re-enter your property the same day.

American Pest also has the ability to treat a bed bug infestation through conventional insecticide treatment. We effectively treat for bed bugs using Cryonite® and provide for the purchase of mattress and box spring encasements that can be used to help prevent a re-infestation from occurring in your Lisbon property.

Contact American Pest today for more information on parasitic bed bugs and how we can help to safely and completely remove an infestation from your Lisbon, Maryland, home or business!

Other Services from American Pest

American Pest has been in the pest control industry since 1925, and we don’t just treat for bed bugs! We have many other very effective, eco-friendly, modern pest control services available to treat any pest that has decided to invade your Lisbon property.

Our other top-of-the-line pest control services that are administered by our professional, friendly, and knowledgeable experts include:


For more information on all of our pest control services in Lisbon, Maryland, contact American Pest today!


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