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Best Pest Control in Lynchburg City 

Lynchburg City is a small city in the state of Virginia, situated about two and a half hours away from both Washington, DC, and Richmond and just over an hour south of Charlottesville.

It has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons, which is extremely attractive for all types of pests.

At American Pest, we will treat and protect your Lynchburg City home from more than 30 pests, including:


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Protect Your House from Mice and Rats

Rodents are attracted to anything that might provide them food, water, shelter, and warmth.

Some examples of good sources of these things are:

  • Garbage cans with spilled contents where food is exposed to rodents
  • Exposed pet food left unattended or in high traffic areas
  • Basements or attics where rodents can find insulation behind walls or floorboards.

Surrounding your Lynchburg City property with traps could help you catch some mice, but if you miss one, he's going to populate your entire home, and you'll have to start over again.

For more effective results and to prevent other pests from entering your property, a Professional Service is necessary. Call us at 301-232-5845 to get a free quote from one of our pests experts, or click here to find more information about how we can help you eliminate rodents with SMART methods.

Common Pests in Lynchburg City, VA

How to Get Rid of Termites infestation 

Termites are highly dangerous because they can infest your property and cause thousands of dollars worth in damages without you noticing them.

The most common places termites infest are:

  • Foundation 
  • Basement walls and floors
  • Weathered wood on your house's exterior, such as roof beams or siding boards.


A traditional termite treatment will involve drilling holes in the foundation, injecting a solution deep in the ground around your house to create an impenetrable barrier.

However, we have adopted a different way to exterminate termites without drilling or using toxic chemicals.

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Home Pest Control Lynchburg City- Should I get a Year-Round Service?

In Lynchburg City, pests don't stop coming once summer is over! They'll continue to get in your house trying to get the warmth and food it provides.

Our Pest Professionals at American Pest will help you eliminate all household pests from your Lynchburg property. With a year-round service, we will keep an eye on all types of pests who'd might be planning to visit you. 

All our ongoing services include: 

  • Seasonal Pest Control Coverage
  • Year-Round Coverage
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatment
  • Interior Service Guarantee 
  • Exterior Spider De-Webbing
  • Extra Services at no Additional Cost


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Commercial Pest Control my Business in Lynchburg City

Having pests around your business brings nothing but grief.

They will eat away at all your resources, destroy your inventory, and they can potentially harm some of your employees.

Not only that, having some guests see signs of pest infestation could result in losing some business.

American Pest offers pest control services for businesses large and small in Lynchburg City. 

We'll work with you to develop a customized commercial pest treatment plan, so you can always provide a safe and productive environment for both your employees and customers!

Some of our most popular commercial services include SMART Treatments. Let me show you how it works:

Give us a call at 301-232-5845 and talk with one of our pest experts about our LEED program and how it can help you get two credits toward the LEED "Existing Building Operations" certification, an exciting opportunity to contribute your business prestige.

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