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Manassas City is a historic location known primarily for the major Civil War battles that took place here, as well as for the Hylton Performing Arts Center and Ben Lomond Historic Site showcasing Federal-style plantation homes.

Serving as the county seat of Prince William County, Manassas is a beautiful locale that attracts thousands of residents. Unfortunately, the climate and temperatures in the region also mean it attracts a less savory guest: pests.

Since 1925, American Pest has been offering Pest Control in Manassas City and the DC metropolitan area. Today we continue our long-standing tradition of providing effective pest control for homes and businesses in NOVA, Maryland, and DC. Utilizing the latest eco-friendly pest control practices and techniques, we are ready to assist you in achieving and maintaining a pest-free property.

These are some of our plans:

  • Preferred Care Plan- Preferred Care offers coverage for over 30 common pests both inside and out, 6 visits each year, and includes our pest-free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Plus- The Preferred Care Plus plan has all the benefits of our Preferred Care plan plus year-round termite monitoring, so you will know if these silent destroyers are creeping onto your property.

  • Preferred Care Complete Plan- The Preferred Care Complete plan includes all the benefits of our Preferred Plus plan with termite elimination also. So, not only will you know if termites are sneaking onto your property, you will be protected from these destructive pests with our termite elimination service as well.

Home Pest Control in Manassas City, VA

No matter the time of year, homes in Manassas City are susceptible to pest intrusions. While the specific pests may change with each passing season, Manassas homeowners don’t get time off from the threat of a pest infestation.
From flies in the summer to rodents in the winter and everything in between, year-round pest control from American Pest will protect your home against common Manassas City pests.
Our residential plans allow you to choose the level of coverage that best suits your needs as a homeowner and is the ideal way to get rid of common household pests, including:


Pests don't belong in your home, and American Pest is ready to help ensure that they are denied entry. We are a QualityPro Green pest control company accredited by the National Pest Management Association and have been entrusted to protect some of our capital city's highest-profile properties. Let us put the same exceptional pest services to work in your home!

Common Pests in Manassas City, VA

What's the best way to exterminate rodents?

People in Manassas City might think that taking care of rodents isn’t that hard, but the truth is that mice and rats are some of the most difficult pests to get rid of because of their facility to move, reproduce and hide. 

We have specialized rodent pest control in Manassas Park City that will take care of this for you. One of our best ways to catch these guys is using the Anticimex SMART system, which will constantly check and react to rodent activity, communicate in real-time with one of our pest professionals, and prevent costly pest infestations in an environmentally friendly way that we can really get behind. 

Should I Hire Someone to Get Rid of Ants?

For the most part, ants in Manassas are nuisance pests that are annoying and cause disruption to regular routines in homes. Odorous house ants, often known as sugar ants, and pavement ants are two common types of nuisance ants in Manassas. They’ll invade your home or build unsightly hills all along your driveway, but they won’t cause major problems or health concerns.
However, not all ants are nuisance ants. The most common ant in Manassas that causes serious trouble for homeowners is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants are the large black ants, sometimes with wings, that you see wandering around indoors and out. These ants chew tunnels through wooden structures, including the ones in your home. Left to their own devices, carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage.
Luckily, whether you have nuisance ants or carpenter ants invading your house, American Pest can take care of them all. We’ll identify the type of ants, determine where they are and how they’re getting in, and eliminate them at the source, ensuring they don’t return.





D. Anna - Charlottesville, VA

David and his team are amazing. We appreciate how responsive and professional they are when attending to our business's needs. I recommend them to anyone who needs a pest control company in the Charlottesville area."






Manassas City Pest Control for Businesses

For over 90 years, we have been delivering the best commercial pest control in Manassas City. Our ProCare program was developed to address insects and rodents that are commonplace to businesses and industrial buildings and continues to be the ideal choice for all types of facilities, including schools, restaurants, food, and beverage processing plants, and medical buildings.
When you choose our professionals, we’ll work with you to develop a program that targets your company’s pest problems while remaining sensitive to your budgetary restrictions and industry regulations. Using the latest eco-friendly services, we’ll exceed all your quality standards and deliver a consistent program that protects your product and brand. As a LEED Proven Provider, you can rest assured that your business receives sustainable, green solutions that work.

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