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Pest Control In Millersville, Maryland

Since 1925, American Pest has been providing business and homeowners in Millersville, Bethesda, and throughout Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia with the most comprehensive pest control services.

As a locally owned and operated MD pest control company, American Pest offers customizable services to rid your home or business from ants, bed bugs, termites, and many other troublesome pest, all while remaining sensitive to the environment. You can trust in American Pest in Millersville to effectively eliminate your problem pests.

Summer Pests To Watch For

Summertime is the perfect time of year to be outside enjoying your yard with outdoor gatherings and sports. Unfortunately, along with the beautiful weather comes an abundance of annoying insects and nuisance rodents. Common summer pests in Millersville include:

  • Ants

  • Mosquitoes

  • Ticks

  • Fleas

  • Mice

  • Stinging Insects

  • Spiders

If you have noticed an influx of these problem pests, contact American Pest in Millersville for more information on our home pest control services.


Summer Pest Prevention Tips

The professionals at American Pest would like to offer a few helpful pest prevention tips to keep your home and yard pest free during the summer months:

  • Wear protective clothing – Long sleeve shirts, pants and light colored clothing to make you more unattractive to mosquitoes

  • Lessen standing water – Regularly cleaning pools and bird baths, reduce or eliminate standing water in buckets, old tires, and children’s toys

  • Repair holes and cracks in your home – Seal holes around pipes, floorboards, and around windows and doors, as well as repair holes in screens

  • Make sure you lawn is regularly mowed – Ticks, spiders, and other pests can hide in overgrown lawns in the tall grass and weeds

  • Clean up your kitchen – Regularly sweep or vacuum floors, clean countertops, eliminate clutter in cupboards and pantries, and do not leave dirty dishes in the sink

  • Make sure trash cans are securely sealed – Use bungee cords if necessary to keep raccoons, mice, and even bear from creating a huge mess of your garbage

If insects and rodents are still causing problems, contact the experts at American Pest to schedule an appointment today!


Are Bed Bugs Worse In The Summer?

With a large amount of people taking vacations during the summer months, it seems like bed bug infestations are popping up everywhere.

These tiny, flat, nocturnal parasites are proficient travelers, easily attaching themselves to luggage, purses, and even people, traveling great distances in a short amount of time. Easy tips to follow to prevent bringing bed bugs home on vacation with you are:

  • Pack clothing in large bags that seal shut

  • Always place your luggage on a luggage stand provided by the hotel, never on the floor

  • Do a through inspection of the hotel room when you arrive, examining nightstands, upholstered furniture, headboards, carpeting, and electronics for bed bug activity

  • Once you return home, inspect luggage and wash all clothing items in the hottest temperature allowed by the fabric

Sometimes, bed bugs can return home with you, even after following all of our bed bug prevention tips. If you have noticed itchy red welts on your skin, tiny reddish brown spots on linens, shed bed bug skins, or a sweet musty odor saturates a room, you are probably suffering from a bed bug infestation. At American Pest, we offer a variety of bed bug treatments, including:

If you have seen any signs of bed bug activity in your home, do not hesitate and contact the professionals at American Pest in Millersville to get rid of bed bugs quickly.


American Pest Complete Pest Control Services

Along with our bed bug treatments, American Pest also offers general residential and commercial pest control services, as well as an array of pest control services for your home and business, including:

  • Termite Control

  • Mosquito Mitigation

  • Stink Bug Reduction Services

  • Rodent Control

  • Tick Mitigation

  • Bird Control

For more information on all our highly effective pest control services in Millersville, MD, contact us today!

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