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Protecting New Carrollton Home From Pests Since 1925

The tree-lined city of New Carrollton, MD provides the perfect location for its residents to call home. This friendly, diverse community is located ideally between the areas three major cities- Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis.

The pest control experts at American Pest are very familiar with this area as we have been protecting Maryland and the greater D.C. area from pests for over 90 years! Mice, ants, spiders, ticks, bed bugs, flies, stinging insects, pantry pests and more are no match for our dedication and expertise. Find out today why so many people trust our highly effective pest control programs to protect their families, customers, and property from the pests that are also found living in New Carrollton. Contact us today at American Pest to learn more!


Residential Pest Control In New Carrollton, MD

The solution to random pest problems popping up in your New Carrollton home is to put into place a year-round pest control plan from the pest control experts at American Pest. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will provide you with environmentally friendly and comprehensive pest control solutions that are designed to eliminate and control a wide variety of common household pests.

At American Pest, we offer our customers exceptional protection against pests through our three levels of year-round, customizable pest control plans, which will meet the needs and budgets of any New Carrollton homeowner.

  • Preferred Care - Through seasonal treatments, our preferred care plan protects homes from over 30 common pests, seals pest entry points, offers rodent monitoring and control, and provides the prompt treatment of existing pest problems. 

  • Preferred Care Plus - This plan provides our customers with everything that is included in our above Preferred Care plan, PLUS the addition of termite monitoring. 

  • Preferred Care Complete - Our most inclusive plan includes everything that is in the Preferred Care Plus plan, along with the addition of termite control services which work to eliminate termites from your home and property

Get in touch with us today to decide which of our quality year-round home pest control plans is right for your New Carrollton home.

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Our 24/7/365 system detects and alerts pests activity instantly, so we know before you do. 

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Tips To Avoid Ticks In New Carrollton, MD

Ticks are parasitic pests that feed off a wide range of hosts - from mice to people and everything in between; because each tick comes into contact with many hosts, it makes it easy for them to become infected with diseases and pass them along to their new host as they feed on their blood.

In our area, the black-legged tick and the brown dog tick are the two species most people and animals will come into contact with; with the black-legged tick or “deer tick” being one of the major vectors of the very serious Lyme disease. To help reduce the chance of running into these disease-transmitting, blood-feeding pests, the professionals at American Pest recommend the following tips:

  • Keep your lawn trimmed short, ticks like to hide in tall grasses while waiting for a new host to happen by.

  • Use insect repellent when you know you will be spending time in areas that may be infested with ticks.

  • If you have pets that spend time outside make sure that under the guidance of their veterinarian they are treated with a tick preventative.

  • Put into place a seasonal tick control program from American Pest to reduce the numbers of these dangerous pests found living and breeding on your property!


Protect Your New Carrollton, MD Business From Pests

Trust the pest professionals at American Pest and our decades of experience in the pest control industry to protect your commercial property from common commercial pests like cockroaches, mice, ants, and spiders.

Our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management allows our trained team of specialists to identify pest problems in your facility and treat those problems accordingly with modern, environmentally friendly treatments and industry leading exclusion practices.

  • S – Survey: We will survey your commercial facility looking for signs of pest activity and possible entry points

  • T – Target: We will apply a targeted treatment solution to eliminate pest problem(s)

  • A – Analyze: We will analyze the result of our treatments and take corrective actions if needed

  • R – Report: We will report our findings back to you in effort to prevent future infestations

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest management approach and how it will work to successfully control pests in and around your facility.


Bed Bug Services Offered In New Carrollton, MD

When it comes to bed bugs you want to make sure that if these parasitic pests ever find their way into your New Carrollton property you have access to the most modern and effective bed bug services possible.

No other pests compare to the amount of stress and sleepless nights that the bed bug can cause. At American Pest we understand just how stressful bed bugs can be and have put together the services needed to completely eliminate any size bed bug infestation from any home or business.

Bed bug services offered at American Pest include:

⭐ K-9 Bed Bug Detection

⭐ Bed Bug Heat Treatments

⭐ Mattress and Box Spring Encasement

⭐ Conventional Pesticide Treatments

For details about any of our bed bug control options and which will work best in your New Carrollton home or business, contact American Pest today!

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