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Pest Control Professionals Serving North Laurel, MD

The pest control experts at American Pest have been protecting properties located in Maryland and Greater D.C. from pests for over 90 years. We are deeply familiar with the pest pressures that local home and business owners face each day.

To combat the pests found living in properties here in North Laurel, a thriving community located in the southern corner of Howard County, we provide a wide variety of highly effective pest control programs. From general pest control services to pest control services that target specific pests, our experts can protect homes, families, and businesses from a wide variety of dangerous and damaging pests.

To learn more about controlling and eliminating mice, ants, spiders, ticks, bed bugs, pantry pests, stinging insects and more from your North Laurel property, contact American Pest today!

Home Pest Control In North Laurel, Maryland

Protect your North Laurel home, family, and personal belongings from the damages that pests can cause, the diseases that they can spread, and the stress that they can inflict by implementing a year-round pest control plan from the Maryland pest control experts at American Pest.

All of our Preferred Care plans provide protection from more than 30 common household pests through seasonal visits (4 treatments per year). Our Preferred Care Plus plan offers the addition of termite monitoring, and our most comprehensive plan, our Preferred Care Complete includes the addition of termite control services.

Each of our residential pest control programs are backed by our pest free pledge guarantee which means that in the event of an unexpected pest problem arising between scheduled services visits, we will return to take care of the problem at no additional cost to you! Choose American Pest to provide the year-round protection you need to keep Maryland pests out of your North Laurel home!


Rodent Control For North Laurel, MD Homeowners

One thing that most everyone agrees on is that rodents should not be living in your North Laurel property uninvited; if you want to keep them as pets that is your business, but eliminating pest rodents that have invaded your property uninvited, is our business!

Our residential rodent service was created by our experts to specifically target and eliminate mice and rats and keep them from coming back.

We can successfully eliminate any size rodent infestation from any North Laurel home our rodent exclusion techniques, the installation of rodent bait stations, interior and exterior rodent treatments, and of course follow-up inspections and treatments. Give us a call to learn more about American Pest’s effective rodent protection package!


Commercial Pest Control In North Laurel, Maryland

At American Pest our professionals have the knowledge and training needed to provide the highly effective pest control services required to protect Maryland businesses and industries.

We always provide exceptional customer service while working diligently to meet the needs and standards of the individual businesses and industries we protect against pests. Examples of industries we serve include:

  • The hospitality industry
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Retail stores
  • Educational facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Government offices

Our comprehensive commercial pest control services eliminate current pest issues and prevents future problems with pests in your facility through our customized solutions that are overseen and developed by our staff entomologists.

In addition to a pest free commercial facility, choosing American Pest for your pest control needs provides the benefits of emergency pest control services, a local customer care center that is available 24 hours a day, and the knowledge that if in-between service visits covered pest problems pop up we will return and take care of the problem at no additional charge.

Contact American Pest today to start protecting your North Laurel commercial facility from the threat of pest problems!


Avoid Bed Bugs In North Laurel With These Prevention Tips

Help to protect your North Laurel home from bed bugs, by following the tips listed below to help avoid coming into contact with these blood-feeding pest while running day to day errands or while traveling for work or with your family. Tips to help avoid bed bugs include:

  • Inspect the seats of planes, buses, trains, or rental cars for bed bugs before sitting down

  • Before bringing your luggage into your hotel, motel, or dorm room inspect the room for signs of bed bugs, look behind pictures on the wall, along carpeting seams, in the cracks of wooden furniture and inside mattresses or box springs

  • Don’t place your luggage on the floor. Inside of a hotel room use a luggage stand whenever possible; keep items that aren’t currently in use inside of sealed plastic bags

  • When staying in a hotel don’t place your clothing inside of any dresser drawers

  • When returning home from a trip wash (in hot water) or dry clean all belongings

  • Vacuum out and wipe down any suitcases or bags that were used

  • Do not purchase used furniture, box springs, or mattresses for your home

  • Routinely wash all outerwear that your family wears on a routine basis

  • Regularly vacuum and shampoo your home’s carpets

  • Scheduling routine bed bug inspections for your property from a professional 


If bed bugs find their way into your North Laurel property have the peace of mind knowing that no matter what the size the infestation, the bed bug control professionals at American Pest can quickly eliminate any size infestation.

Our bed bug control services include K-9 bed bug inspections, bed bug heat treatments, conventional chemical treatments (when necessary), and mattress and box spring encasements.

Contact us today to schedule a bed bug inspection for your North Laurel home or business!

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