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Olney, MD is a suburban town that is located in Northeast Montgomery County. It is home to over more than 250 businesses, has many housing options, and is commutable to many major cities; all while giving its residents the small town feel that they love!

Just as people love living in Olney, pests like termites, ants, spiders, mice, mosquitoes and ticks are also fond of living and invading its homes and properties.

The bad news for these invading pests is that American Pest is available in Olney to provide premium pest control services! American Pest takes pride in providing Olney residents with quality, safe, and affordable services to get rid of and control nuisance and dangerous pests alike!


Olney MD Pest Control Pros Protect Homes & Families

Pests don’t just affect the homes they are invading. They can and do damage to the structure of a home and destroy personal belongings, but they also greatly affect the people living inside of the house as well. Pests can carry and transmit a variety of serious diseases. They can sting and/or bite, contaminate food, and their mere presence can cause sleeplessness and stress.

The Olney pest professionals at American Pest can help to eliminate pests and stop the damages that they can cause to both your home and family through our three home pest control plans: Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus and Preferred Care Complete.

All three plans provide treatment for existing pests, year-round control, interior and exterior services, and are backed by our Pest Free Pledge which says that if pests return between visits, we will also return free of charge.

Each of these plans has their own slight variations to help meet the needs of any Olney homeowner. To speak with one of our professionals and see which home pest control plan is best suited for you home and family, give us a call today.

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Termite Control In Olney Maryland

Putting into place a termite control service is the best way to protect your home, family, and wallet from the significant damages that termites can inflict.

Termites are responsible for causing over 5 billion dollars’ worth of damages to homes all across the U.S. each year; homeowners assume a termite infestation won’t happen to them, but when it does, then what? The simple answer is to get help as quickly as possible from an Olney termite control experts at American Pest!

Whether termites have invaded your home for only a few weeks or if they have been living there for many months we can provide complete elimination. No termite will be left behind. Treatment options include:


⭐ Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is excellent at providing complete elimination while being non-invasive (no trenches are required) and very environmentally sound.

Bait stations are placed around your home and filled with a very small amount of bait, the termites are attracted to the bait and take it back to the colony; the active ingredient in the bait provides complete elimination of the entire colony! This system also provides excellent prevention against future infestations.

The system will remain behind and be routinely monitored and maintained to stop future infestation before they have a chance to even begin.


⭐ Liquid Barrier Treatment

Depending on the needs of you and your property a conventional route may be taken to get rid of a termite infestation. Liquid barrier treatment begins with a trench being dug around your home and Altriset® is introduced into the soil. The foraging termites will come into contact with the treated soil and bring it back to the colony, effectively eliminating all of its members over approximately a 3 month period.

Contact American Pest to schedule a termite inspection today!


Mosquito & Tick Treatments in Olney MD

Mosquitoes and ticks are two specific pests that most all homeowners want to keep controlled on their Olney property. Both species feed on the blood of people and animals, both are hard to control because they live and breed outside, and finally and probably most importantly- both species carry and transmit some very serious diseases.

Mosquitoes are attracted to properties that have areas of standing water and thick dense landscaping and grasses to hide in. Ticks are often introduced onto properties by wild animals; they then hide in similar spots as mosquitoes-dark, dense, moist environments. Completely eliminating either species from your Olney property is not possible, but it is quite possible to greatly reduce their numbers!

Controlling mosquitoes and ticks is a difficult task, but the pros at American Pest have developed a very effect treatment solution to reduce their numbers during their active seasons- spring, summer, and fall! Our mosquito and tick program includes the following services:

  1. A thorough inspection of your property, completed by our specially trained technicians to located the areas that are attracting mosquitoes and ticks.

  2. The treatment of those tick and mosquito hiding and breeding sites using a specialized misting service throughout their entire active season.

  3. The treatment of mosquito breeding areas with a biological mosquito larvicide which inhibits mosquito larvae from being able to develop into adults.

Contact us today to see how we can work together to reduce ticks and mosquitoes on your Olney property!


Protecting People And Property In Olney Since 1925

If you are looking for a pest control company that is committed to providing their customers with only the most innovative, safe, and effective pest control services, look no further, American Pest has all those things and more.

American Pest has been providing Maryland homeowners with pest control services since 1925; we strive to continuously learn from and build upon each previous year to provide our customers with the top industry leading pest control services- all developed under the guidance of our on-staff entomologists!

At American Pest, we take the time to speak with our customers and to learn about each unique home and family to ensure that the proper services are chosen. Call American Pest today to speak with one of our pest control professionals about which pest control services are right for your Olney, Maryland home!

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