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Effective Pest Control Solutions For Rockville, MD Residents

Rockville, Maryland is a thriving Montgomery County community best known for the shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions based around the Rockville Town Square.

Like many of the communities in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Rockville is the home of numerous historical exhibits and landmarks, including Beall-Dawson House’s Stonestreet Museum of 19th-Century Medicine, as well as outdoor attractions including Rock Creek Regional Park and Meadowside Nature Center.

Unfortunately, just like the diverse people that make up the neighborhoods of Rockville, Maryland; there are also a diverse number of pest species including mice, spiders, ants, stink bugs, centipedes, mosquitoes, and termites that call this Montgomery County city home.

Fortunately, this cosmopolitan city has access to an industry leading pest control company with American Pest. Here at American Pest, we pride ourselves in making sure that only the most advanced and safe pest control techniques are used when treating pest problems in Rockville homes and businesses.

Our overall goals include to humanely getting rid of any and all pests, while ensuring that your home, family and business is kept completely safe during the process!

Home Pest Control For Your Home in Rockville MD

Are you tired of waking up to a line of ants wandering through your kitchen? Or spiders webs in the corners of your home? How about the smell of stink bugs or the pitter patter of mice feet in your ceilings?

Well, we don’t blame you, and we have a solution for you with our three home pest control service plans.

Implementing a home pest control service plan from American Pest will provide you with relief from current pest problems and comprehensive preventive treatment and other measures to stop future problems. With American Pest on your side, pests will be kept outside of your Rockville home!

For information about any of our home pest control services- Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus, or Preferred Care Complete; or to schedule a home inspection, contact us today!

Common Pests in Rockville, MD

What Fall and Winter Rodent Season Means for Rockville Homeowners

Rats and mice are among the worst pests homeowners can have, spreading disease, triggering allergies, contaminating food, and damaging property wherever they go.

Unfortunately, as fall arrives and winter looms, the probability of a rodent infestation only increases as they find their way into residential areas in search of food and shelter.

That’s why it’s important to take steps to prevent rodents now before they can become an infestation in your home.

If you’ve already encountered evidence of a rodent infestation in your home or think you could be at risk for an infestation in the future, don’t wait: contact the professionals at American Pest today and find out how our comprehensive rodent exclusion programs can keep you and your family protected against these destructive pests.


Rockville Maryland Termite Control

In nature termites are a very beneficial species; they get rid of decaying organic materials that are lying around efficiently and effectively.

However, inside of homes and other properties, they are a very dangerous and damaging pest. Termites are generally found outside living in their underground nests, traveling in mud tubes, and feeding on decaying leaves, wood, and soil.

If the termites would just stay outside we wouldn’t have any issues with them, however, they have the tendency to accidentally wander into homes while foraging for food. Unfortunately, they stay and infiltrate and feed on any and all wood that is either in our homes or is part of our homes.

Over time termite damage can lead to the weakening of the structural integrity of your home which is a very serious issue that can be quite costly to repair.

The professionals here at American Pest understand just how damaging and stressful termite issues can be so we have developed a very powerful treatment using the highly effective and eco-friendly Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This system gets rid of a current termite infestation and also provides continuous monitoring to prevent future problems. For information about our termite control services for your Rockville home, contact us today!


Mosquito Control In Rockville MD

Mosquitoes are a pest that invade Rockville every spring and unfortunately stay active right through the end of fall. These guys are known for the itchy bites that they inflict while biting us, but they are very quickly becoming better known for the serious diseases that they carry and spread. Diseases like the West Mile virus and Zika virus.

Reducing mosquito numbers on Rockville properties is on the mind of homeowners and here at American Pest, we can help with our mosquito control service.

The first step in treating mosquitoes is to have one of our trained professionals come to your property and inspect it. This inspection will reveal all the areas around your property that mosquitoes are breeding and hiding in.

Next, your property is treated once a month with a specialized misting process. Shrubs, trees, bushes, landscaping, and other areas will all be treated.

Finally we will use a biological mosquito larvicide to halt development mosquito larvae. If the larvae can’t mature, more adults can’t be produced!


How Rockville Residents Can Combat Summer Ticks

The return of warm summer weather unfortunately also means the return of ticks to homes and businesses across Montgomery County, and Rockville is no exception.

Between the irritation their bites can cause and the health risks they pose to humans and pets, ticks are a pest that should never be left to spread around your property.

If ticks have taken over your Rockville yard, don’t wait: call American Pest today and find out why our comprehensive tick control programs are the best solution to keep your property tick-free today, tomorrow, and beyond.





C. Tracy - Charlottesville, VA

We’re continually shown this company’s dedication to the customer through knowledge sharing with an informative report of inspection that is reviewed in real-time and efforts for explaining all treatments performed."






Commercial Pest Control in Rockville MD

A pest management solution designed for commercial and industrial facilities, our commercial rodent control services include an assessment of the facility and grounds to determine the scope of the rodent problem. Based on those findings, our team mice and rat exterminators will implement a strategy that may include rodent bait stations, rodent traps, treatment of burrows, exclusion techniques and other rodent control methods as needed.

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