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If you live here in Savage-Guilford, then you know what a marvelous community it is. We have comfortable neighborhoods, great schools and plenty of recreational areas where we can hike, bike, or play with the kids. Our community is the perfect example of rural meets city and makes an ideal place to live and raise a family. One of the ways that residents here help keep their homes and families safe from the harmful effects of pests like termites, mice, mosquitoes and ticks is with year-round pest control services from American Pest. The professionals at American Pest offer effective, ecologically responsible solutions to local pest pressures and have the tools and technology to quickly and accurately eliminate pests in your Savage-Guilford home or business. To learn more about our industry-leading year-round residential or commercial pest control plans or any of our other effective services, simply contact us today.

Residential Pest Control Services in Savage-Guilford, MD

Keeping your Savage-Guilford home free from pests and the harm they cause is made simple with a year-round pest control plan from American Pest. Our Preferred Care programs are designed with homeowners in mind and deter pests while being easy on your budget and our environment.

Whether you choose Preferred Care, Preferred Car Plus, or Preferred Care Complete Termite, you can know that you are receiving the very best possible protection from local pest pressures, and you can know that our services are backed by the American Pest pest-free pledge guarantee. To discuss in detail which plan is right for you, give one of our specialists a call today. 

  • Preferred Care – This year-round plan offers protection from more than 30 common household pests by implementing interior and exterior treatments as needed on a seasonal basis. 

  • Preferred Care Plus – This year-round plan includes all the benefits of our Preferred Care plan but adds termite monitoring services to guard against foraging termites. It is the perfect plan for the homeowner that desires pest protection services and the prevention of termites in homes that do not have an existing termite presence. 

  • Preferred Care Complete Termite – This plan will not only prevent over 30 common household pests, but it will also eliminate existing termite colonies in your home and monitor for future foraging termites as well. This plan is perfect for homes that are currently struggling with a termite colony.

Prevent Termite Damage in Savage-Guilford, MD with American Pest

Termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage each year here in the United States; and even here in Maryland where winters can be quite severe, termites can remain active throughout the entire year once they have found a way into the temperature controlled recesses of your home. Typically, homeowners aren’t even aware that they have become a victim of termites for months or even years because termites remain hidden eating away in the structural supports under floors and inside walls. Oftentimes, it isn’t until damages have become severe that the homeowner finds a termite infestation. Because of their elusive nature, it is important to have a termite monitoring and control plan in place. Fortunately, the termite experts at American Pest are authorized operators of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ which is the best way to protect your property from termites and the damage they inflict. This discreet baiting system will not only eliminate current termite colonies, but it will remain in place to defend against future foraging termites. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is non-invasive and requires no drilling or trenching. It is simple, it is environmentally responsible, and it ensures that termites are not secretly undermining the structural integrity and the value of your home or business. To learn more about Sentricon® with Always Active™ or any of our other effective termite solutions, contact the termite experts at American Pest.

Why You Should Protect Your Savage-Guilford, MD Business from Pests 

When pests invade a business, they do not just contaminate products, damage property and endanger the health of employees and customers; they can also undermine the hard-earned reputation that you have worked so hard to cultivate. Pests in the workplace can result in increased audits and health inspections and they can even cause your doors to be shut permanently. The very best way to protect your Savage-Guilford business from the harmful and damaging effects of pests is to partner with American Pest for your year-round commercial pest control services. Our trusted team of highly-trained commercial pest control specialists stay abreast of the intricate regulations for your particular industry to ensure that all of the specific regulations for your business will be met and meticulous records will be kept to ensure your compliance. We utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies, so all of our services are minimally invasive and environmentally responsible. American Pest has been serving the business community here in Savage-Guilford and throughout Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia for more than 9 decades; and have gained valuable insight into local pest pressures that are invaluable for the quick resolution of pest pressures. To learn more about our effective and affordable pest control plans for your Savage-Guilford business, give us a call today.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in Savage-Guilford, MD

From near-extinction to near epidemic, bed bugs have found a way to not only survive but to thrive here in the United States in recent years. In every town, city and rural setting bed bugs have become a real issue; but understanding how to avoid them is the key to keeping them from becoming a problem in your home. The first thing to understand is that bed bugs are not just found in beds. They can literally be anywhere. They are found on buses, in taxicabs and in grandma’s house. They can be in the library, at the hospital, or in the mall. Movie theaters, laundry mats, second-hand stores and any other area that people frequent are at risk of harboring these tiny pests. Once you understand this fact, the next step is to be vigilant every time you leave your home. Look at seats and along seams of soft furniture for tiny bed bugs, shed casings, black fecal specs, or tiny blood droplets. Inspect your children’s backpacks when they return from school, and pay particular attention to your college-aged children’s laundry when they are home on break. When you travel, be sure to check your hotel room thoroughly for signs of bed bugs; and when you return home, immediately wash all of your clothing on the hottest possible setting and vacuum suitcases before storing them away.

Even when you remain diligent, you can still find yourself hosting bed bugs in your Savage-Guilford home or business; and when that happens, be sure to contact the bed bug experts at American Pest. We offer EPA-approved bed bug control services including K-9 detection, thermal remediation, and conventional liquid treatments. To learn more about all of our effective bed bug solutions, contact us today.

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