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Pest Control In Severna Park, MD

It is doubtful that you can find a more alluring place to live in the greater Baltimore-Washington D.C. Metropolitan area than Severna Park. The comfortable neighborhoods are situated around beautiful waterways like the Severna River that spill into the Chesapeake Bay.

Residents enjoy the natural beauty of our community and have easy access to nautical sports like boating, fishing, jet skiing and many other recreational opportunities, all while remaining in close proximity to Annapolis, Baltimore and D.C. Our geographical location, however, is also perfect for pests. Mice, bed bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, ticks, and many other nuisance and harmful creatures thrive in Severna Park too.

Many residents here in Severna Park and beyond have chosen the trusted services from American Pest to protect their homes and businesses from the harmful effects of pests.

American Pest offers year-round residential and commercial pest protection plans that are sure to fit your needs and budget. To learn more about our industry-leading, ecologically friendly solutions to your pest pressures, contact us today

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Protect Your Severna Park, MD, Home and Your Family from Pests 

When pests decide to live in your Severna Park yard, or worse yet, in your home, they can cause significant issues to the structure of your home and to the health of your family.

Protecting your home from the damages that termites and mice can cause and keeping your family safe from the illnesses that roaches, mice, mosquitoes, ticks, and countless other pests spread can be a daunting task unless you are covered by the protection that Preferred Care from American Pest offers.

Our three levels of Preferred Care service are designed to be environmentally responsible, affordable and effective at protecting your home and your family from the adverse effects of pests. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Preferred Care – This year-round plan guards Severna Park homes against more than 30 common household pests. We utilize exterior treatments on a seasonal basis and interior treatments as needed, and it is all backed by our pest free pledge guarantee. 

  • Preferred Care Plus – This year-round plan includes all the benefits found in our Preferred Care plan but adds termite monitoring services to guard against foraging termites. It is the perfect plan for the homeowner that desires pest protection services and the prevention of termites in homes that do not have an existing termite presence, and it is backed by our pest free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Complete Termite – This plan will not only prevent over 30 common household pests, but it will also eliminate existing termite colonies and monitor for future foraging termites. This plan is perfect for homes that are currently struggling with a termite colony and want to keep future foraging termite at bay; and, as always, it comes backed by our pest free pledge guarantee.

Some other industry-leading services that we offer Severna Park homes include:


Learn How To Limit Tick Exposure in Severna Park, MD

Living in a community like Severna Park is perfect for outdoor recreation but it also means that you have to learn how to limit your exposure to ticks and the debilitating diseases that they carry, and wearing an insect repellent that contains DEET is only the first step to take in order to avoid these tenacious pests.

It is important to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants whenever possible making sure to tuck those pant legs into your socks. Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended. The fewer areas you leave exposed the better! Avoiding known tick harborage is also important when you are out enjoying all that Severna Park has to offer.

Stay on marked and groomed trails whenever possible and avoid areas of tall grass, dense shrubbery and other foliage. Also, be sure to do a tick check as soon as you return home followed by a nice, warm shower to wash away any tiny pests you may have missed. 

Truly, this is all you can do when you are out and about enjoying our public areas, but there is a better solution for your own backyard. American Pest offers effective, ecologically sound tick control services to Severna Park residents.

Our experts utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies to drastically reduce tick populations on your property that can be implemented through our stand-alone tick mitigation program or through any of our Preferred Care year-round programs.

When your goal is limiting your tick exposure on your own property, implementing a tick control treatment plan for your property is the wisest choice. To learn more about our tick control solutions or to schedule your first service, contact one of our specialists today. 


Commercial Pest Control Services Available in Severna Park, MD

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. Not the least of which is offering a reliable service that is desirable to your customer base. Protecting your product and your consumers from anything that could harm them and tarnish your reputation should be your top priority.

As you protect your business be sure that you do not neglect the threat that pests pose. Mice, roaches, and a myriad of other pests can contaminate your inventory and bring disease to employees and consumers alike. Some can even damage the structure of your facility and render expensive machinery inoperable.

If your business is located here in Severna Park, make sure that you contact American Pest for effective, ecologically responsible year-round pest control services.

Our trusted team of pest control specialists utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies that use the knowledge of a pest’s habits and habitats against them, ensuring services that are minimally invasive and eco-friendly with minimal chemical usage. Our experts keep up-to-date on the intricate regulations for your industry, so you can be sure that all of the specifics for your particular industry will be met and meticulous records will be kept to help you prove your compliance with auditors and regulators.

American Pest has been successfully protecting businesses from pest pressures here in Severna Park and throughout the Maryland and D.C. area since 1925 giving us the experience we need to keep your company, your product, your employees, your customers and your reputation safe. To learn more about our industry-leading year-round pest prevention services or any of our other effective pest control services, simply contact us today.


Silverfish Prevention Tips for Severna Park, MD Residents 

It may be easy to overlook silverfish when they invade your home.  After all, these little pests are nocturnal and prefer to hang out in quiet, dark spaces making it difficult to discover their presence in your home. But, they are not a pest that you want to ignore.

While they are not known to spread disease to people, they can damage your personal property in their quest to ingest products that contain starch or polysaccharides, items like book bindings, wallpaper paste, hair, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, dandruff, paper and photos. Also, when silverfish invade, it is a sure sign that you have a moisture issue since these pests are attracted to high-moisture areas.

There are some things that you can do to make your home or business less attractive for silverfish. Start by controlling moisture in your home. Moisture is the main thing that attracts silverfish. Make sure you repair any leaky faucets and pipes. Routine inspections of the base of your toilet are a great idea because the gasket under your toilet can rapidly wear out allowing water to leak into your floor.

Using hot water pipes to enter your toilet rather than cold water supplies will help to prevent sweating. Also, be sure to wrap pipes, if necessary, to prevent ‘sweating’ there. Cracks and gaps in your foundation should be sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in and to keep silverfish from having easy access into your home. Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in basements, crawl spaces and other moisture-prone areas; and, remember, silverfish love darkness, so installing lighting to reduce dimly lit areas is another deterrent.

It is also important to use the tools that come with your vacuum to regularly clean out all the nooks, crannies and cracks where silverfish may be resting during the daytime. By combining these preventative measures with a year-round pest protection plan from American Pest, you can ensure that silverfish will not be choosing your home for theirs.

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