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Whether it’s rodents, ants, termites, or any of the other insects, we will get rid of them through high-quality Pest Control in Staunton City for all homes and businesses. 

Known as the “Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley", Staunton is a cozy Virginia city with a strong historic background, most famous for being the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson as well as for its several educational institutions. However, no matter how ideal Staunton may feel as a place to live, one persistent threat remains to threaten the safety and comfort of Staunton homes and businesses: pests.

With over 90 years of service behind us, we have all the tools and experience you need to make any pest a thing of the past. Contact us today and learn about the wide variety of residential and commercial services we offer!

These are some of our plans:

  • Preferred Care Plan- Preferred Care offers coverage for over 30 common pests both inside and out, 6 visits each year, and includes our pest-free pledge guarantee.

  • Preferred Care Plus- The Preferred Care Plus plan has all the benefits of our Preferred Care plan plus year-round termite monitoring, so you will know if these silent destroyers are creeping onto your property.

  • Preferred Care Complete Plan- The Preferred Care Complete plan includes all the benefits of our Preferred Plus plan with termite elimination also. So, not only will you know if termites are sneaking onto your property, you will be protected from these destructive pests with our termite elimination service as well.

Residential Pest Control in Staunton City

Unfortunately, pests in Staunton never stop. Luckily, neither do we. American Pest specializes in year-round pest control programs that keep homes and families across Virginia protected from pests 24/7/365. 

As part of our Preferred Care Plans, your home will receive comprehensive, eco-friendly pest control solutions that provide protection against over 30 common household pests. Our year-round treatment plans work to get rid of current pest problems from your Staunton home while helping prevent them from ever getting inside again. If pests return between our scheduled visits, so will we - at no extra charge!

Our certified technicians use the S.T.A.R approach to pest control. This includes:

  • Surveying your property thoroughly for any signs of pest activity
  • Targeting the specific pests you’re facing in order to combat them effectively
  • Analyzing our results so that we can refine our efforts and continue your protection
  • Reporting everything to you so that you’re never in the dark about your home


The S.T.A.R. approach ensures that we treat every home we service with the highest level of pest protection on the market. Don’t leave your home at risk: give us a call today to learn more about our different year-round pest control plans!

Common Pests in Staunton City

How Rodents Can be Controlled at Home 

Rodent infestations are an unfortunate part of life for many homeowners across the nation, especially in the wintertime. It's important to understand that rodent invasions and infestations occur because of their need for food, water, and shelter, all of which become significantly more difficult to find during colder times of the year. 

Unfortunately, mice and rats are also known to carry a variety of serious diseases and parasites that threaten the health of people. What’s worse, they’re also incredibly destructive once inside residential homes. Their front teeth never stop growing, causing them to gnaw on everything they can find in order to keep them down. This can lead to significant property damage. 

While there are many do-it-yourself rodent treatment methods available, this is usually not the cheapest or most successful approach. Due to the difficulty and health hazards involved with rodent control, rodent problems are always best left to the professionals to ensure the problem is eliminated quickly and completely. 

Our Anticimex SMART devices catch rats and mice without the use of toxic baits and alert your pest professional immediately. Each type of device is made to prevent rodent infestations with monitoring systems that are intelligent, eco-friendly, and always-on. All devices speak to each other in real-time, sending critical information on rodent activity and catches back to your pest professionals.


Are Termites Dangerous?

Termites will not sting, bite, contaminate your food supply, or spread disease like some other types of pests. But, termites are dangerous to the structure of your home. They're guilty of destroying hundreds of Staunton City houses and generating thousands of dollars in costs to homeowners. The reason why is their ability to work unnoticed, causing damages that are almost undetectable to our eyes.

To prevent this, we have adopted a baiting system that will only attract termites without using liquids or drilling into your foundation.

The Sentricon® baiting station kills the termites at their source, which means that workers termites will pick up the bait and take it back to the kingdom. This bait is more appealing to termites than the wood itself, making it the first thing termites salvage for their colony. The result will be the complete elimination of existing termites and the prevention of future infestations.


Can Ants Affect my Health or Destroy My Property?

Homes in Staunton are typically at risk for infestation from three primary types of ants: odorous house ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants. 

  • Odorous house ants are very small and dark brown or black in color. They measure 1/8th of an inch or less and put off a very distinctive and offensive odor when crushed. The smell they make is part of what makes them such a big nuisance, but they can also pose health risks if they contaminate food items in your home. 

  • Pavement ants are just slightly larger than odorous house ants. The pavement ant lives outside but invades the house foraging for food. As their name suggests, pavement ants are most commonly found on sidewalks and concrete areas outside homes.

  • Carpenter ants are the most destructive type of ant found in Staunton due to their constant digging into any wood they find. They are typically much larger than other ants, sometimes averaging a ½ inch or more. The carpenter ant can become a threat to the structure of buildings by excavating and chewing tunnels through the wooden components of the building.

If you’ve started seeing ants around your Staunton home, don’t tolerate them one more day: call the professionals at American Pest for ant control treatments today!





C. Tracy - Charlottesville, VA

We’re continually shown this company’s dedication to the customer through knowledge sharing with an informative report of inspection that is reviewed in real-time and efforts for explaining all treatments performed."






Commercial Pest Control in Staunton City

All the problems that pests bring to homes are only amplified when they are brought into a commercial setting. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, office building, or any other commercial property, pest infestations quickly destroy inventory, morale, and (most importantly), your reputation.

At American Pest, we have worked diligently with our staff entomologists to develop safe and effective ways to control ants, spiders, roaches, flies, and numerous other pests that commonly invade commercial facilities in Staunton. 

Our ProCare program utilizes our S.T.A.R. approach to commercial pest management and includes a professional survey of your property to help find pest entry points and areas of activity, the targeted safe treatment of pests, the analysis of the outcome of our treatment, and a report of our findings. 

American Pest is a QualityPro Green company accredited by the National Pest Management Association. No matter what pests you might be facing, we can keep your facility pest-free now and into the future. 

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