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Professional Pest Management In Strasburg, VA

Founded in 1761, Strasburg, Virginia is a charming place in scenic Shenandoah County filled with historical buildings and friendly people. Unfortunately, it's also filled with pest activity, and that means local property owners are susceptible to experiencing pest infestations. Many dangers come with pest infestations, and it's important to seek out protection from pest professionals. That's where the team at American Pest comes in.

We are a family-owned company that provides quality pest solutions to homes, businesses, and government facilities throughout Shenandoah County and the surrounding areas. We've been servicing clients in the greater D.C. area for over 90 years, and our team consists of over 100 dedicated employees who are committed to your satisfaction. No matter what pest problem you're dealing with, our team is ready to help you. Call us today for a free estimate.


Residential Pest Control In Strasburg, VA

If you want to guard your Strasburg home against pest infestations, you've come to the right place. American Pest provides complete residential pest control services that local homeowners can depend on all year long. After a thorough inspection, we determine what approach to take to solve your pest problems. Our pest expertise allows up to come up with the most effective plan of action to treat your household pest problem.

Our experienced staff includes 4 board-certified entomologists, 8 associate certified entomologists, over 30 state-certified pest technicians, and a K-9 bed bug detection team. Since 1925, we have serviced homes throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, bringing our customers prompt and courteous services at a fair price. Plus, our 24-hour answering service means there's always someone there to field your questions and guide you in the right direction. Contact us today.

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Commercial Pest Control In Strasburg, VA

Your business deserves comprehensive protection from pest infestations, and that's what we're here for. The team at American Pest has serviced a variety of commercial facilities, such as arenas and stadiums, hotels, property management, restaurants, healthcare, food and beverage processing, schools and daycare facilities, office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, grocery stores, and physicians' offices.

As a LEED Certified company, we prioritize the use of sustainable, green solutions to protect not only your business but also the environment we live in. By taking a holistic approach to pest control, we're able to effectively tackle your pest problems in the safest way possible. Reach out today to get your free service estimate.


Mosquitoes Return To Strasburg This Summer

With the return of warm, sunny weather to Strasburg also comes the return of those buzzing, biting pests that everyone hates to have around: mosquitoes. Between the annoyance of their presence and the potential danger they can pose, mosquitoes are a problem no one should have to deal with around their home. Contact American Pest today for thorough professional mosquito treatment, and take back your summer! 


How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My Strasburg Home?

Your Strasburg home is no place for bed bugs, but unfortunately, it's a common issue in the area that homeowners must face. The good thing is you don't have to face it alone. American Pest is here for you. If you're wondering how beg bugs got into your home in the first place, there are some things to keep in mind. 
Bed bugs can be pretty sneaky about gaining entry into your house, and you can usually find them around furniture, in clutter, linens, sheets, and various other harborage areas close to a food source. Their main food source is human blood, so anywhere where there is frequent human activity, you may also find bed bugs. 
Bed bugs get from one place to another by hitchhiking via a person or object moving between rooms or locations. They can get inside in packages or on furniture, clothing, and other people. So, bed bugs in your business can come from anywhere. That makes the issue hard to pin down and even harder to control.
In order to secure dependable protection from bed bug activity, the best thing to do is reach out to the pros. American Pest is here to take care of all your bed bug detection and extermination needs. Call us today, and we'll schedule your initial inspection right away.


Five Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips For Strasburg Property Owners

Carpenter ants are often misidentified as termites, seeing as they both destroy wood, but the two pests species are actually very different. Carpenter ants don't eat the wood; they only use the wood to construct their nests.

They find remote entry points in your home or business that allow them to gain easy access to food, water, and shelter. They mostly live in nests which they create outside the structure.

Here are five prevention tips to aid you in your carpenter ant control efforts:


⭐ Clean up spills and crumbs; keep food in tightly sealed containers.

⭐ Eliminate any sources of standing water and excess moisture.

⭐ Keep landscaping well-trimmed and directed away from the property.

⭐ Maintain a high level of cleanliness around your property.

⭐ Seal up any cracks and crevices around the foundation.


The most reliable way to guard your home against a carpenter ant infestation is to get help from a team of experts. American Pest provides comprehensive carpenter ant control solutions that you can rely on. We guarantee a safe property with protection against carpenter ants and the damage they cause. Contact us today to get started.

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