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American Pest has been proudly serving the Taneytown region with the most complete residential and commercial pest control services for over 85 years. At American Pest we use the most effective, eco-friendly, and affordable pest control services to get rid of mice, spiders, termites, ants, bed bugs, and many more troublesome pests. If you live or work in the Taneytown area and are searching for a pest control company that you can trust in, look no further than American Pest.

Common Household Pests

At American Pest we understand that you home is often your biggest investment and we want to help keep unwanted pests from potentially causing damage to your home and health risks to your family and pets. Some of the most common household bugs and rodents found in Maryland, including right here in Taneytown are:


With American Pest’s home pest control services, we will eliminate current pest infestations and apply treatments to keep them from returning. Our home pest control services include:

  • Preferred Care – Includes 4 visits (seasonal) against general pests and if pests come back in between visit we will return at no additional charge

  • Preferred Care Plus – Includes everything in the Preferred Care plan plus termite monitoring, mosquito control and/or tick reduction services

  • Preferred Care Complete – this plan includes everything in the preferred care plus program plus the added guarantee that we will completely eradicate any termite infestations while also preventing new colonies from invading.

Don’t let insects and rodents cause you unneeded stress and concern, let the professionals at American Pest take care of all your pest problem today. Give us a call!

Pest Prevention Tips For Taneytown Homes

To better protect your home this year, American Pest has compiled a list of pest prevention tips that compliment your year round pest control services to keep unwanted pest out of your Taneytown home and business.

  1. Inspect the exterior of your building, sealing any holes, cracks, and gaps along the foundation and around windows, doors, wiring, and pipes.

  2. Keep firewood stored away from the side of your building and up off the ground.

  3. Maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen by regularly cleaning beneath appliances and in cupboards.

  4. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back away from your building as to prevent easier access for pests.

  5. Repair any leaky faucets and pipes to eliminate excess moisture.

  6. De-clutter attics, basements, closets, pantries, and storage areas.

  7. Keep outdoor trash cans securely sealed by using bungee cords if necessary.

Once you have started implementing these simple pest prevention steps you will notice the dramatic decline on nuisance pests in and around your Taneytown property. But if you are still finding critters in or around your home, contact American Pest for additional pest protection!



Ask For our SMART Pest Control


Eco-Friendly | Always-on

Our 24/7/365 SMART system detects pest activity instantly, so we know what's going on before you do. 

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Solutions For Taneytown Business Owners

Since 1925 American Pest has been assisting Taneytown businesses with highly effective and efficient commercial pest control services, helping them uphold their pest free environment. Our ProCare commercial program has resolved pest infestations in hotels, restaurants, universities, government offices, and hospitals and uses the S.T.A.R. approach:

S – Survey: surveying your facility for pest activity and entry points

T – Target: application of targeted treatment solutions for your company’s pest control needs

A – Analyze: we will analyze the outcome of our treatments and make changes or additional treatments if needed

R – Report: using industry specific Rapid Trax technology, we will report back to you our findings in effort to prevent future infestations

If you suspect that you may have a pest problem in your Taneytown facility, contact American Pest so we can protect your company’s image and reputation from problem pests before they strike.


Additional Services From American Pest

American Pest not only offers some of the most advanced and affordable home and commercial pest control services, we also offer a variety of additional pest solutions for your home and business, including:

  • Bed Bug Control

  • Mosquito Mitigation

  • Termite Control

  • Rodent Control

  • Tick Mitigation

  • Stink Bug Reduction Services

  • Bird Control

For all your Taneytown pest control services, contact American Pest today!

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