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Pest Control in Union Bridge MD

As a longtime MD pest control company, American Pest is proud to offer the most effective pest control in Union Bridge for your home or business. With over 85 years in the pest control industry, we have helped home and business owners with every kind of pest problem including ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs and more! For local pest control you can trust, contact American Pest today!


Importance of Home Pest Control

Protecting your home from pests is one of the most important things to do as a homeowner. Some common bugs found in homes are ants, silverfish, spiders and cockroaches; however American Pest also protects your home from less common pests such as rodents including mice and rats as well as highly destructive termites.

Some of these household pests can pose potential health hazards, while others are more destructive, but none of them are anything any homeowner wishes to see crawling on their cupboards or across the kitchen floor.

It is important to protect your home and your family from these potential risks before they start because once pests get in, they’re not easy to get out.

American Pest offers several different programs to help with pest control in Union Bridge.

Those plans are known as Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus and Preferred Care Complete. All three of these home pest control plans offer unparalleled protection and high quality service. These three plans are designed to help you find the best fit for you and your personal needs. For more information on our home pest control, give us a call!

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Our 24/7/365 SMART system detects pest activity instantly, so we know what's going on before you do. 

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Union Bridge Bed Bug Treatments

A problem that is becoming more and more common in Union Bridge and all across MD is bed bugs. Bed bugs get into homes and businesses by hitching a ride on clothing, luggage, purses, backpacks and other personal belongings and to help property owners who may be experiencing a bed bug infestation, American Pest offers several approaches to help rid homes and businesses of bed bugs. We offer K-9 bed bug detection and bed bug heat treatments.

This treatment is not only safe and effective, but also quick and often kills bed bugs and their eggs in only one treatment. Another treatment option is a conventional method. This allows targeting of certain areas where bed bugs are likely living after everything in the room has been washed and cleaned.

American Pest also offers mattress and box spring encasements. American Pest knows how important it is to get this type of pest taken care of quickly and effectively so they work with you to determine which treatment option is best for you. If you have noticed bed bug bites or suspect you may have brought bed bugs home with you, contact our bed bug control team today!


Protect Your Business from Pests

American Pest offers our commercial pest control program, which is one of the most comprehensive services for businesses needing pest control in Union Bridge. American Pest uses the S.T.A.R. approach to make sure any pest activity in and around your business is taken care of quickly so there is little or no inference with your day to day operations.

American Pest surveys your property, targets the problem, analyzes treatment options and outcomes, and reports those findings back to you. The S.T.A.R. approach assures that every business is treated on a case by case basis so you can be sure you are getting the solution that works best for you.


Additional Pest Control Services in Union Bridge MD

American Pest is a full service pest control company proudly serving MD, VA and the DC metro. We offer a variety of pest control services including:

  • Mosquito and tick mitigation

  • Termite control

  • Stink bug reduction

  • Bird control

  • International consulting for government organizations

  • And more

To start protecting your home or business from pests in MD, contact American Pest today!

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