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Pest Control In West Friendship, MD

The rolling hills, friendly meadows, and extensive woodlands and parks of the semi-rural community of West Friendship, Maryland, make it one of the most desired residential communities in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Just an hour from Baltimore-Washington, this community offers comfortable homes and is just the place for any family with ties to the Capital district to escape the hustle of the big city and enjoy the finer side of ‘country’ living.

One of the downsides of living in a rural community, however, is that pests such as rodents, mosquitoes, termites, ants, and many others live and thrive here too. Many of your friends and neighbors have turned to the trusted professionals here at American Pest to protect their West Friendship homes from the damages and diseases that pests cause.

As a locally owned and operated pest control company with more than 90 years of experience in local pest pressures, American Pest offers personalized attention to each client we serve. We provide successful, eco-friendly solutions to eliminate pests without harming our environment. To learn more about the affordable, effective pest control solutions for your West Friendship home or business, contact American Pest today.


Common Household Pests Found In MD

There are many pests that call West Friendship home, and understanding these pests and the threats that they pose is an important step in keeping them from harming your home or bringing illness to your family. Pests will often invade homes in their search for food, water, and shelter. Once inside, they are not apt to move out unless you force them to. Each season brings with it new pests and new challenges, even during colder months!

Some of the most common and most dangerous pests to invade West Friendship homes include:

Rodents – Mice, rats, and squirrels are some of the most common rodent species to cause problems for West Friendship homes. Rodents constantly chew in order to maintain the size of their front incisors, which makes them one of the most damaging pests in homes. They chew on pipes, insulation, beams, personal items, wires, and more. Rodents contaminate the areas they infest with their feces, urine, and saliva – all of which contain harmful pathogens that can make people sick. They also come equipped with fleas, ticks, and mites – parasites that can carry diseases of their own.

Cockroaches – This is another species of pest that can carry and transmit some pretty nasty pathogens that will make people sick. Roaches also can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms in some people. Cockroaches are sneaky, quick, and typically only wander through your kitchen at night when all is dark and quiet.

Subterranean Termites – These sneaky pests typically live in huge colonies underground and will travel through mud tubes that they create across the top of the ground and up the side of your foundation to keep them safe from the drying effects of the sun and the air. Once inside, they will eat away at the structural wood deep inside your walls, often remaining undetected until damages become severe and costly. Proactive termite monitoring systems are the best way to protect your property and prevent a termite infestation.

Other common pests that can create issues for West Friendship homes include:


Pantry pests

Stink bugs

Clover mites


Stinging insects

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West Friendship Pest Prevention Tips

In order for pests to invade your home, they first have to be drawn to your property. Sometimes pests arrive in your yard on the backs of woodland creatures that are wandering through in search of food, water, and shelter. With a little knowledge and a little work, you can help to prevent pests in your West Friendship home.

  • Create a barrier between wooded areas and your yard. Stone and wood chips work great for this. The barrier should be at least three feet wide to be effective at discouraging some pests.

  • Keep your lawn cut short and make sure that tree branches are trimmed and cannot touch your roof or your siding.

  • Make sure that plants and shrubs are set a distance from your foundation so that there is not contact.

  • Pick up all items that can contain standing water. Plant pots, old tires, children’s toys, paint cans, and many other items can hold water. It only takes a few teaspoons to harbor mosquito larvae or to offer a drink to a thirsty insect.

  • Make sure bird feeders and compost piles are kept away from your house. Keeping them on the perimeter will help discourage pests from wandering too close.

  • Clean up leaves and debris piles regularly to remove these common hiding spots.

  • Keep firewood off the ground and make sure it is stacked in such a way that air can circulate around it.

  • Fix leaking outdoor pipes and faucets, damaged shingles, torn or damaged screens. Also be sure to inspect for any gaps or cracks in your foundation or around windows and doors.

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Install chimney caps and fill in gaps around utility entrances.

  • Keep trash stored in trash cans with tightly fitting lids and keep them away from the exterior of your home.

  • Inside, be sure to vacuum regularly, keep dishes clean, and make sure to clean up spills and crumbs right away.

  • Install dehumidifiers in high-moisture areas.

  • Fix leaking sinks, faucets, and toilets.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum.

  • Store food in the refrigerator or in air-tight containers rather than openly on the counter or table.

  • Keep pet food in air-tight containers and make sure to pick up their dish after each feeding.

  • Implement a year-round pest protection plan from a trusted pest control provider like American Pest.


West Friendship Pest Control for Homes

The year-round residential pest prevention plans from American Pest are the best way to protect your West Friendship home from the damages that pests inflict and the best way to protect your family from the illnesses they spread. Our pest prevention services are designed to be eco-friendly and are approved for use around people and pets while offering complete protection from invading pests. We have specifically designed three levels of protection to meet the individual needs of West Friendship homeowners. Here’s what you can expect:

Preferred Care – This year-round plan offers protection from more than 30 common household pests by implementing exterior and interior treatments as needed on a quarterly basis. Preferred Care is backed by the American Pest pest-free pledge guarantee.

Preferred Care Plus – This plan is also year-round and includes all the benefits of our Preferred Care plan but adds termite monitoring services to guard against foraging termites that may be looking for a new home. It is the perfect plan for the homeowner that desires pest protection services and the prevention of termites in homes that do not have an existing termite presence. This plan is also backed by our Pest Free pledge guarantee.

Preferred Care Complete Termite – This plan will not only prevent over 30 common household pests, but it will also eliminate existing termite colonies in your home and monitor for future foraging termites as well. This plan is perfect for homes that are currently struggling with a termite colony and want to keep future foraging termite at bay. As always, our Pest Free Pledge guarantee applies.


Termite Control in West Friendship, MD

Subterranean termites are one of the most destructive pests to invade homes in West Friendship. These pests typically live in huge colonies underground and use mud tubes that they construct across the ground and up the side of your foundation to avoid the drying effects of the sun and the air.

Usually, you do not discover that termites have invaded your home until damage becomes severe and repairs are costly.

The best way to effectively defend against termites is with a professional termite monitoring system like the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

The termite control experts here at American Pest are authorized operators of this discreet baiting system that will not only eliminate current termite colonies but will remain in place to defend against future foraging termites. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is non-invasive and requires no drilling or trenching. It is simple, eco-friendly, and ensures that termites are not secretly undermining the structural integrity and the value of your West Friendship home. To learn more about Sentricon® with Always Active™ or any of our other effective termite solutions, contact the termite experts here at American Pest.


Other West Friendship Pest Control Services

Some of the industry-leading pest protection services offered here in West Friendship by American Pest includes:

To learn more about these effective pest prevention solutions or to schedule your free pest inspection for your West Friendship, Maryland, home or business, simply give us a call today!

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