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Pest Control In Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg is a historic and heavily traveled Virginia city that offers its residents a safe secure place to live and do business. This city forms the "Historic Triangle" along with Jamestown and Yorktown!

To protect your Williamsburg home or business from the pests that also live in our area, Virginia's premier pest control company, American Pest, offers exceptional pest control services.

For more than 90 years our professionals have been providing modern, green, effective, and affordable services to eliminate and control the critters found living in our area. Contact us today to learn more about the wide variety of residential and commercial services that we have available to control your property’s pest issues.

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Residential Pest Control In Williamsburg, VA

To protect your Williamsburg home, your family, and your pets from Virginia pests no matter the season, trust the effectiveness of the year-round pest control program designed by the pest experts here at American Pest. Our Preferred Care Plans offer comprehensive, eco-friendly pest control solutions that provide protection against over 30 common household pests.

These year-round plans work to get rid of current pest problems from your Williamsburg home and then they provide the protection that is needed to prevent future pests. All of our Preferred Care Plans include our pest free pledge which states that if pests return between our scheduled visits so will we for free!

Our certified technicians use the S.T.A.R approach of Surveying, Targeting, Analyzing, and Reporting to ensure the complete elimination of pests from your home. Give us a call to learn more about our different year-round pest control plans - Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus or, Preferred Care Complete; and decide which is right for your Williamsburg home!


Bed Bug Prevention Tips In Williamsburg, Virginia

Bed bugs are found in almost any public place and therefore you or a family member could come into contact with these parasitic pests at any time. Bed bugs are very good at what they do, and what they do, is hitchhike their way undetected in Williamsburg homes and businesses. One of the best tips to prevent a large scale infestation from occurring on your Williamsburg property is to schedule regular bed bug inspections for your home or business.

At American Pest we use the best noses in the business, the noses of our K-9 bed bug inspectors to seek out any size bed bug infestation on any size property. Our dogs and their highly sensitive noses provide very accurate inspections that are completed quickly with minimal disruption to your home or business. Our dogs are able to inspect areas that human inspectors simply can’t reach.

After the inspection, if bed bugs are detected, our professionals will focus on the physical evidence of bed bugs in order to develop a treatment strategy that is tailored to your specific property, and that will completely eradicate bed bugs where they are identified.

Contact American Pest to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Williamsburg property!


Pest Protection For Your Williamsburg, VA Commercial Facility

At American Pest we have established a very effective commercial pest control program that was developed in conjunction with our staff entomologists to control ants, spiders, roaches, flies, and other pests that commonly invade commercial facilities.

Our ProCare program utilizes our S.T.A.R. approach to commercial pest management and includes a professional survey of your property to help find pest entry points and areas of activity, the targeted safe treatment of pests, the analysis of the outcome of our treatment, and a report of our findings. Other benefits to choosing American Pest for your pest control needs include:


⭐ A locally staffed Customer Care Center

⭐ 24-hour emergency pest control services

⭐ Our technicians will return to re-treat if pests return between visits, at not additional charge to you

⭐ We are a QualityPro Green company accredited by the National Pest Management Association


Protect Your Friends And Family In Williamsburg, VA From Mosquitoes

Take back your yard from mosquitoes with the help of the mosquito control professionals here at American Pest. By implementing our mosquito control program you will be able to finally enjoy your yard anytime you want without the fear of constantly being bitten by disease spreading mosquitoes.

Our 3-step program will work to quickly reduce mosquito numbers found living, breeding, and resting on your Williamsburg property.


⭐A complete inspection of your entire property is performed to identify breeding locations

⭐ The monthly applications of a specialized mosquito repellent treatment using our unique misting system

⭐ The treatment of mosquito breeding areas with a biological larvicide to stop the development of larvae


It’s really that simple, three easy steps and you take back your backyard from mosquitoes!

Contact us today to learn more about our mosquito control program and how we can quickly start reducing mosquito populations on your WIlliamsburg, Virginia property!


American Pest & PestMasters, Inc. Are Better Together

Since 1953, PestMaster, Inc. has been serving central Virginia with high quality, customer focused pest control solutions. As one of Williamsburg's leading providers in modern, preventative pest management, American Pest has joined together with PestMasters, Inc. to provide solutions that remain at the forefront of the industry and continue providing superior pest control to homeowners & business owners.

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