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If the city life of Baltimore is not for you, then the rolling hills and green, fertile fields of the rural residential community of Woodbine, Maryland, may be just what you are looking for. Woodbine is one of the most picturesque communities in the greater Baltimore metroplex and lies on the banks of the Patapsco River just a half hour’s drive from the big city.

\Many people desire Woodbine’s comfortable homes and country setting as the ideal location to raise their families; but, like in all other rural communities across America, pests like rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and more find Woodbine ideal as well.

This is why American Pest offers industry-leading pest control services to Woodbine home and business owners. Our year-round pest control plans for homes and businesses are some of the most comprehensive, eco-friendly pest protection products in the industry. To learn more about our effective pest monitoring and control services, contact us today.


Woodbine Home Pest Control

There are many pests here in Woodbine that can cause issues for homeowners. Termites and rodents can damage your home’s structure; and cockroaches, mice, and mosquitoes can transmit illnesses to your family. Pantry pests can infiltrate food supplies and contaminate them and stinging insects can cause severe reactions in some. Stink bugs – well, they stink.

Spiders leave unsightly webs and earwigs are just too creepy! The list is endless; but no matter how you look at it, pests are an unwelcome sight in your Woodbine home. American Pest is here to help.

We have developed our industry-leading, comprehensive, year-round pest protection plans to address the most common pests to invade Woodbine homes while keeping the safety of our environment in mind.

Whether you choose to protect your home with our Preferred Care pest protection plan, our Preferred Care Plus pest protection plan, or our all-inclusive Preferred Care Complete pest protection plan, you can know that your pest issues will be safely eliminated with eco-friendly solutions that are backed by the American Pest Pest-Free Pledge Guarantee.

When keeping your Woodbine home safe from the harmful and damaging effects of pests with reliable, effective, eco-friendly service is your goal; American Pest is your solution. Contact us today to learn more about our Preferred Care pest protection plans for your Woodbine home or any of our other industry-leading services.

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Bed Bug Control In Woodbine, Maryland

The incidence of bed bug infestation across the country has been on the rise over the past decade, with calls for bed bug services reaching their largest levels to date in recent months. This record comeback of the bed bug is attributed to many factors including increased global travel and the insect’s tolerance to the chemicals that were once used to control them.

Fortunately, there are several exciting, new technologies that are effective in our fight against these pests and American Pest utilizes these to safely and completely eliminate bed bugs here in Woodbine. Our K-9 units can locate bed bugs in all stages of development allowing our treatments to be targeted to those specific areas of infestation.

We can utilize heat treatments, Cryonite® freezing, conventional insecticide treatments with effective EPA-approved products, and mattress and box spring encasements, all effective and safe ways to eliminate bed bugs. To learn more about bed bugs and the effective treatments offered by American Pest, simply give us a call today.


Signs of Bed Bugs

It is important to understand a little about bed bugs and the signs that they leave behind to indicate their presence if you want to avoid contact with them every time you leave your home. It is equally important to recognize them if they do find their way into your home.

The first thing to understand is that they are not limited to a mattress. These creatures can be found anywhere in a building, especially areas where people spend a lot of time. They can hide behind walls, inside electrical outlets, in furniture, under floorboards, and in any other tiny nook or cranny. They have been known to infest airplanes, taxi cabs, buses, hospitals, department stores, dorms, schools, as well as much other public and private places. No one is immune.

When you are in public, be sure to keep a lookout for these pests. Check seats for small rust-colored spots, tiny brown droppings, and the bugs themselves. Pay particular attention to the seams. Make sure to inspect hotel rooms prior to carrying your luggage into them. You cannot be too cautious where bed bugs are concerned. They are very tricky little hitchhikers.

While their bite can certainly be an indication that bed bugs are present in your home, these bites are typically misidentified and can be confused with the bites of many other insects, most notably the bite of the mosquito. One major difference is that mosquito bites are usually singular while bed bug bites are usually grouped in clusters or in a linear pattern. Other signals that bed bugs are present include:


⭐ Shed casings in piles in and around your bed, sofa, or other areas where they are hiding.

⭐ Tiny brown spots on your sheets, pillowcases, and furniture.

⭐ Small rust-colored dried blood spots on bedding or furniture.

⭐ Finding live adult bed bugs, or the smaller nymphs, crawling on or near your bed or other areas in your home.

⭐ Discovering the tiny white to opaque colored eggs or egg casings. (This is highly unlikely due to their almost microscopic size)

⭐ Black streaking coming from wall electrical outlets.

⭐ An unusual sickly-sweet aroma. (Only in extensive infestations)



Protect Your Business from Pest Invaders

Pests can cause unique issues in the commercial setting. Some can damage the structural integrity of buildings; others can carry and spread diseases to staff and clients, but all can cause irreparable damage to your product line and your reputation. Keeping pests out of the workplace is not as simple as spraying a can at bugs.

The type of industry you are in, the product you deal in, and even the location of your business can determine which products would be safe for use and which ones will not; but finding the right pest control solutions for your Woodbine business is as easy as calling American Pest.

Our on-staff entomologists have developed a comprehensive ProCare pest control program which is the most comprehensive, effective pest protection plan available for your commercial facility with these factors in mind. By utilizing our STAR approach to pest management, our commercial pest control experts can safely control pests on your property using minimal amounts of materials. Here’s how it works:

  • S = Survey. We survey your property to determine pest activity, entry points, and conditions that are drawing pests in.

  • T = Target. We customize a treatment plan that will target those areas and that will meet the specific regulations set for your specific industry.

  • A = Analyze. We analyze our findings and outcome of treatment to ensure that pests are eradicated. If undesired results occur, we correct them right away.

  • R = Report. Utilizing Rapid Trax technology, we report our findings to you and keep detailed records of findings and treatments.

American Pest is committed to protecting your business from damaging and nuisance pests, and we will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We are QualityPro accredited which means that we meet or exceed national standards set in the areas of testing and training, business practices, consumer protection, and environmental stewardship; and we have a history of handling national accounts. In fact, we have protected some of Washington D.C.’s most valued buildings and have provided services to interests overseas for the State Department! To learn more about our effective solutions for commercial properties here in Woodbine, contact us today.


Additional Services in Woodbine

American Pest offers Woodbine home and business owners a wide variety of pest protection options. Some of our industry-leading services include:

To learn more about these effective pest prevention solutions or to schedule your free pest inspection for your Woodbine, Maryland, home or business, simply give us a call today.

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