1. 4 Reasons There's a Mouse in Your Pantry

FEBRUARY 23 2022 /

4 Reasons There's a Mouse in Your Pantry

Easy Access

Mice make their way into homes and businesses in droves when the weather dips and their little mouse feet get cold.

They want a place to stay for the winter and your pantry happens to make a great place to hang out and chew through cardboard boxes of pasta.


Something Smells Good

An open container of snacks in the pantry is a dream come true for mice and rats.

Once rodents find a food source, they aren’t likely to squander it. They’ll chew through what they can and contaminate your stuff along the way with their urine and feces.


Hole in the wall

There are places in your home that you may not realize are susceptible to a mouse invasion. Depending on how large the rodent is, the little critters can fit through holes as small as a pencil in diameter.

That means the basement, closet behind the stairs, and other nooks around your home may be particularly vulnerable to a mouse getting in and wreaking havoc.


Feels Like Home

If a mouse finds a spot between your townhouse and the townhouse next to yours with just enough warmth to make a nest, you could be about to face a serious mouse battle.

A battle made all the more difficult if your neighbors aren’t quite as tidy or cognoscente of the dangers mice bring.

If mice find a place to call home near or in your home, you can bet they’ll make their way inside leaving droppings and the risk of disease to your family.


Professional Mouse Extermination

American Pest has been tackling tough rodent problems since 1925. We have the tools and expertise to confront the issue from multiple angles to get mice out of your home if they’re present, and keep them out if they haven’t yet made their way in.