1. 30+ Plus Pests Covered

Pests Covered By American Pest

Pests thrive year-round, and can quickly invade your home and wreak havoc on your livelihood. Mice, ants, roaches, and termites are just a few examples of the many types of pests that can infest your home and cause serious damage. Not only do these pests bring disease and frustration, but they can also chew through wiring and wood, damaging your property with ease.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this problem: professional pest control services. At American Pest, our team of experts understands the unique needs of each season, and our proactive pest control plans are tailored to tackle the threats that are most common during those times. Our Preferred Care plans offer safe and effective pest control solutions that are designed to keep your home pest-free while protecting you, your family, and your pets from any harm. So if you're struggling with an infestation or want to protect against future pest problems, contact the team at American Pest today! We'll help you stop worrying about pests so that you can focus on what matters most.


American Cockroaches


Baldfaced hornet

Box Elder Bugs

Carpenter bee

Carpet Beetles


Cigarette Beetles

Clover Mites


Drain Flies

Drugstore Beetles


Eastern cicada killer wasp

European Hornet

European paper wasp

Fruit Flies

Fungus Gnats   

German Cockroaches


Honey Bee

House Centipedes

House Flies

Indian Meal Moths

Ladybird Beetles (Lady Bugs)



Odorous House Ants

Oriental Cockroaches

Pavement Ants






Stink Bugs

 Yellow Jacket Wasp


Treatment Included in additional or upgraded plans and/or services

*Bed Bugs




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