1. Slice

We're excited to announce you can now slice the total value of your annual plan into 12 easy monthly payments! You can now select your pay date and set up automatic payments to make defending your home against pests that much easier.

Please provide us with the following information for enrollment in the Slice Payment  Solution.

One of our representatives will follow up with you soon to confirm your enrollment. 


Benefits of Slice

  • Ability to select a date that's convenient for you each month. 

  • Convenience of automatic payments from your credit or debit card—you don’t have to remember to log in online or mail a check!

  • Paperless invoicing means Slice is a “green” choice!

  • Lower risk of identity theft by providing your card number just once.

  • Smaller, budget-friendly payments.

  • Year-round guaranteed pest protection, including free callbacks between service.

Guarding your home and your financial information is easier than ever! Sign up for Slice today!