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Service FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Here at American Pest we just want to make your life easier, safer, and pest-free! If you have any questions about your service, schedule, or billing, we're here to help. If you don't see an answer to your question below, please don't hesitate to give us a call or use the form below to contact us!


What is integrated pest management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combines years of pest control experience to recognize when which pests are most active and prevent them from entering the home before they become a problem. This practice is more effective, environmentally friendly, and safer for families and pets than previous popular pest control methods. The is one of the safer approaches to pest control while keeping pest populations at an economically manageable level.

How will American Pest protect the privacy of my business?

At American Pest, we understand that brand reputation is of utmost importance, which is why client confidentiality is our number one priority. American Pest professionals will maintain your privacy from the very first contact and in all practices and procedures during the normal course of doing business with you. To that end, we take every relationship seriously and will extend our policy of confidentiality to all of our clients.

What kind of guarantee does American Pest offer?

American Pest stands by its Pest Free Pledge which is available with all Preferred Care Services and states: "If Pests Return; So Do We! In the event that an unexpected pest problem arises before your next regular preferred care service, American Pest will come out and take care of it at no additional cost to you." 

Does American Pest provide organic treatments for pests?

All products used by our pest professionals are EPA-approved and are only used when necessary to protect a home or business from pests. There are many eco-friendly pest control options available. Talk to your American Pest representative about which treatment solution is right for you.

I have pets, are your treatments pet-friendly?

We understand that you love your pets; so do we! We just need to know what kind of pets you have and where they are located. As mentioned above, all products are EPA approved and informing your pest professional of your pet and their habits will ensure that everyone (including your four-legged friends) are protected! Help keep your pets safe by following our recommended guidelines with each treatment. Ask your pest professional for more details on how to keep pets safe!

I need help controlling the wildlife on my property! Is there anything you can do?

We’re sorry, but at this time, American Pest does not provide trapping services for wildlife. However, it is important to communicate any issues to your pest professional as they could bring in or be correlated with other pest problems in or around your home! For example, snakes commonly feed on rodents, which means their food source (rats and mice) may be roaming around your home without you realizing it! Some examples of what classifies as wildlife include: snakes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, salamanders, chipmunks, deer, etc. If needed we can refer you to a local company that will be happy to serve your wildlife management needs. 

I have children and pets. What does American Pest do to keep families safe during treatments?

American Pest takes every precaution to ensure your family is not put at risk while our technicians work inside and outside your home. The customer care representatives are sure to inform you of any precautions you need to make before the technician arrives. Once inside your home, American only uses pest control products that have been tested and labeled for use by the EPA, in strict adherence to the safety and SDS labels. In addition, American Pest’s integrated pest management practices call for an emphasis on treating home exteriors, to prevent pest populations from entering the house from the outside of the home which limits the potential risk of your loved ones coming in close contact with the treatment. If pests have already established a presence inside the home, American’s technicians will custom-design a safe and targeted interior protection program to be provided on an as-needed basis. Click here for some helpful tips to keep your pets safe during treatment.

Do you offer Saturday or Sunday appointments?

American Pest service professionals operate Monday through Friday, in arrival windows from 7am-6pm. We do offer overtime options to pest professionals that are willing to volunteer on weekends, however, it is not required. In the event that you have an emergency that requires service outside our regular operating hours, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 301-232-5845.

My Appointment Says between 7am-6pm. What if I cannot be home all day?

Upon scheduling regular services, an initial appointment window of 7am-6pm is provided so we can appropriately route technicians and limit their drive time between appointments. The good news is unless you are requesting interior service, you do not need to be home, as long as our technicians can access the full exterior of the home.

If you have a locked gate, that limits access to the exterior of your home, please contact your customer care representative to ask about recommendations. 

If you need interior service or request a shorter arrival window, all you have to do is give us a call!


What are some of the other ways I can request service?

We understand not wanting to wait to speak to a customer care representative, so here are some other options on how you can request service:

    1. Existing customers can use the customer portal! If you have not activated your portal account, here are directions on how to do so!
    2. Email customerservice@americanpest.net 
    3. We are currently testing SMS(texting), and Chat options to be implemented in the future. Stay tuned for more information!

I am still having pests after receiving treatment, what do I do now?

Depending on the pest issue, it is possible that bait was used to treat the infestation. Therefore, it is possible to temporarily see increased activity. If you are still seeing the increased activity after a week, (or you have other concerns) please give us a call! Thanks to our Pest Free Pledge, if our pest professionals feel an additional service is needed between your regularly scheduled preferred care appointments, we will schedule an extra service at no cost to you!

What does American Pest do when it is snowing or raining out?

The weather is constantly changing throughout the DMV region which is why year-round pest protection is so important. We use a variety of products depending on the weather allowing us to provide service in a variety of conditions. There is no need to reschedule your service based on the weather. If our pest professionals cannot service your property due to the weather, we will notify you by phone or email to reschedule your service.

    1. Servicing in the rain:
      While you may suspect that rainy weather affects the quality of your service, it does not. If your technician expects rain, they will adjust the products they are using based on current conditions. If you continue to see pest activity after the service, please give us a call and we will schedule a follow-up for your technician to return.

    2. Servicing in the Winter:
      Winter services are just as important to protect your home from pests year-round. In the winter, we need to treat the perimeter of your home for seasonal pests, inspect and seal exterior entry points, de-web around the home, and maintain rodent bait stations surrounding your home. Along with that, winter is the best time for us to get inside for inspection and treatment as attics and crawl spaces aren't holding as much heat making it safer for your pest professional. All we ask is that you request an interior inspection or treatment from your customer care representative prior to your appointment so that we can schedule for the representative to be at your location longer and ensure that they have a ladder and/or any other tools that may be necessary. 


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