1. 5 Tips For Winter Pest Control

JANUARY 28 2022 /

5 Tips For Winter Pest Control

It's winter. Do you really have to worry about pest control? You sure do. Mice and other pests can stay active all winter long.

Some pests that would normally go into a low-energy state can be very active in a home with available food sources. It's never too late to keep pests from driving you crazy.

Here are five tips for winter pest control.


#1 Put your food in hard plastic containers.

This is the single, best way to keep inactive overwintering pests from becoming active overwintering pests.

Many bugs will go into diapause during the winter months. This is a low-energy state where their body begins to eat its own fat stores to get energy. This is why you'll see those stink bugs frozen in place or slowly creeping through your curtains during the winter months.

They are conserving energy. If you get them something to eat, they will be happy to scurry instead of creep, and happy to dive bomb on your forehead and temples.

Keep your stored food in hard plastic containers and give those bugs less to eat.


#2 Don't leave food out.

Overwintering pests that find a stack of dishes with tasty morsels on them will be happy to stay in the common areas and to actively drive you nuts.

Always leave a sink full of soapy water and soak your dishes until you get around to washing them. Not only will this keep bugs from having a feast, it will make your dishes easier to clean when you get around to it.


#3 Don't leave your trash uncovered.

This is a food source and breeding ground for bugs. Always seal your trash whether it is inside or outside. And refrain from getting one of those rocker lids.

Rocker lids do not keep fruit flies out and they have a tendency to prop open when the trash gets full.

If your house is like mine, you probably don't have any proactive trash removers. It is usually only when the trash is piling up over the brim that something gets done about it.

Get a can with a pedal that lifts the lid up for you, or one with an easy button.


#4 Keep things clean.

Crumbs on the rug are a feast for a bug. Vacuuming regularly and keeping the counters free of spills and sticky residue will keep those bugs from climbing down from the attic or out of your wall voids into the living spaces.


#5 Schedule a visit from a pest control company.

Get a jump start on those bugs and rodents and prevent spring infestations before they begin.  Or if you've got pests that snuck in this past fall, American's home pest control pros will identify the problems and set you on a path towards a pest free home. 

Winter pest control is essential for those living in Montgomery County and throughout Maryland. Eliminate food sources and be proactive about preventing spring infestations, and you'll have one less headache to worry about. Wouldn't that be nice?