1. 7 Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Washington D.C. Properties

MARCH 03 2022 /

7 Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Washington D.C. Properties

Washington D.C. is a gorgeous area burgeoning with life. And while government and business drive millions to the nation’s capital, there are also plenty of pests that call Washington D.C. home.

Keeping pests off of your property is easier said than done, but with the right approach, you can effectively prevent pests from infesting your Washington D.C. property.


Common Pests In Washington D.C. 

Washington D.C. hosts a wide variety of problematic pests. While they might not be the most exotic or exciting, they are certainly bad news for your property. Common pests in Washington D.C. include:

  • Norway rats – Also known as “sewer rats,” these rodents can grow nine inches or longer with a long, scaly tail of about the same length. They can gnaw through most materials and are known to spread disease.

  • German cockroaches – Though not the only type of cockroach in Washington D.C., small German cockroaches may be the most troublesome. At just ½ inch in length, they are more elusive and harder to eliminate than other species. 

  • Fire ants – Ants are a problem in general for D.C. properties, but fire ants might be the worst. Red imported fire ants, or RIFAs, are an invasive species that have come to dominate much of the southern U.S. These ants deliver a painful sting and can be incredibly aggressive. 


There are many other types of pests to be concerned within Washington D.C. as well. Due to the warm climate, pests are always an issue in the area and properties remain vulnerable to infestation all year long. Proper pest prevention is crucial.


Deep Cleaning Tips To Prevent Pests

The easiest way to prevent pest problems is to keep your property clean and tidy. You’ll reduce hiding spots for pests and possibly even some food sources. 

  • Declutter and clean – Pests like spiders, rodents, and small insects like to hide in piles of clutter. Discard or organize the clutter around your home. Be sure to clean under heavy appliances like your refrigerator and don’t forget about closet and attic areas. 

  • Store food properly – Keep your pantry foods stored in airtight containers with locking lids. Heavy plastic is good, but metal or glass containers are best for keeping out rodents. Keep an eye on fruit to prevent over-ripeness or rotting that attracts pests. 

  • Dispose of trash – Make sure your trash isn’t attracting pests. Rinse out garbage cans to eliminate any food residue. Always use trash bags to prevent spills and wash out any recyclables before disposal.


Exterior Pest Control Tips

  • Seal entrance points – Inspect the exterior of your property for cracks, holes, openings, or crevices. Fill in cracks with silicone caulk or patch with metal mesh. Stuff holes with steel wool to prevent rodents from squeezing in.

  • Fix leaks and drips – Address any leaking spigots or pipes around your property. Clear drains and gutters of any blockages to prevent water backup. 

  • Do some yard work – Just mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges regularly can reduce the presence of pests on your property. Try to get rid of any leaf piles, dead logs, or other organic debris. Keep firewood stored at least 20 feet from the property. 

  • Call the pros – The best way to prevent pests on your Washington D.C. property (and to eliminate any pests you have) is with help from the experts at American Pest. We offer robust residential and commercial pest control services to combat any of the nuisance pests invading your home or business. Our plans are affordable and effective and are designed to offer maximum protection from pests, inside and out. 


To learn more about our pest control offerings or for assistance with pest prevention on your Washington D.C. property, get in touch with us today.