1. American Pest Repeat's History by Offering Disinfectant Services to Protect Public Health

JANUARY 03 2022 / HOME

American Pest Repeat's History by Offering Disinfectant Services to Protect Public Health

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has sent the world into an unprecedented and uncertain spiral.

The United States now has the highest confirmed coronavirus case count in the world. 

Across the country businesses are reducing hours or closing and states have implemented orders to shelter in place and lockdown, all in an effort to save lives and limit the spread of coronavirus.

As an essential service provider, American Pest will continue to uphold our mission to protect the public, servicing homes and businesses throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

American Disinfectant Company building - historical photograph

History of American's Disinfectant Services

We thank the technicians and office staff who risk their lives to protect our mission as we take a page from our own history by offering disinfectant and sanitizing services to combat the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens.

The year was 1925 and the company you know today as American Pest was just getting started as the American Disinfectant Company.

During that time, the disinfectant service was used to help combat Tuberculosis (TB) throughout the health crisis of the early 1900’s.

Much like the COVID-19 pandemic, TB was easily transferred, making sanitation key to protecting public health. The time has come to once again use our skills to offer protection to homes and businesses across the DMV.


Disinfectant Services to Combat Coronavirus

Today our disinfectant service provides us the opportunity to help restaurant owners, small businesses and homeowners alike as we work together to fight yet another battle to protect our loved ones.

As with any health crisis, staying ahead of the game is far safer than trying to play catch up.

American Pest proudly uses DSV and other materials the EPA has determined effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Our teams are trained and ready to play their part in battling this pandemic. Give us a call to learn how you can protect your family, home or business, employees, and customers with our steadfast disinfection services.

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