1. Are Earwigs Dangerous?

DECEMBER 09 2021 /

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Though only about 6 to 25 mm in length, an earwig can look like a fairly intimidating insect. It may be because of its formidable pincers on the end of its abdomen. It may be because it is a creature known for crawling into the ears of sleeping people and laying its eggs.

Whatever the reason that has driven you here to find out whether or not earwigs are dangerous, we're glad you stopped by.

There are many dangerous insects that can get into our homes. They come to bite us, inject our skin with venom, infect us with pathogens, and taint our foods and food prep surfaces with harmful bacteria. Fortunately, the earwig is not one of these.


Can Earwigs Bite Me?

Earwigs don't bite people, but they can pinch. Those pincers on their abdomen are a weapon they use to defend themselves.

While they aren't likely to pinch you, and those pincers aren't likely to break the skin, a pinch from an earwig can hurt. But, for the most part, you have nothing to fear from these insects. Earwigs are considered a nuisance pest.


Where do Earwigs Live?

Be aware that earwigs live in the ground and they can come in contact with harmful bacteria. If you have an open wound that is exposed to earwigs, it is important to apply some form of an antibacterial lotion to the wound.


How Do Earwigs Get Inside My Home?

Once again, earwigs fall into the harmless category. But having an earwig problem in your home could be a warning sign of something else that "is" dangerous to your home.

If you have carpenter antstermites, or some other wood-destroying organism, earwigs will use the holes they create to get into your home.

If you have holes that have been formed by rodents, earwigs will use those holes as well. And, if your home is being damaged by water overflow from a broken or obstructed gutter system, earwigs will take advantage of this as well. 


How Do I Get Rid of Earwigs?

While earwigs aren't a direct danger to your home, you should never let them go untreated.

Dealing with an earwig problem can help root out a more dangerous threat to your home. While you don't have to worry about earwigs laying their eggs inside your ear or eating away at your house while you sleep, they are a warning sign you should not ignore.

If you live in our service area, reach out to us. American Pest uses the most advanced pest protocols to deal with earwig infestations, and our pest specialists record everything they find, so you'll know what the real threat is. Give us a call today for immediate assistance.