1. Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to You?

FEBRUARY 15 2022 /

Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to You?

Mosquitoes irritate residents of Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia every summer. But are you getting more bites than everyone else?

There is an abundance of theories as to why some people seem to be a bit more than others and what keeps the frustrating pests away. Are these theories true, or simply old tales passed along?

Let’s dive in and see if the mosquitoes really are more attracted to you!


Does drinking beer attract mosquitoes?

Some scientist suggests that drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages may attract mosquitoes. There are a few different theories as to why this may be the case.

Some theories are related to the increase in ethanol in your sweat and others believe it relates to body temperature.

We can’t say these theories are definitively true or false, however, we recommend making sure to use bug spray with DEET while drinking or even just spending time outdoors to decrease your chances of being a bit.

Use this guide to learn more about what mosquito repellents work best. 


Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to People with Fair Skin?

People have a reaction when mosquitoes bite which causes small red and itchy bumps.

This is from the mosquito saliva that prevents blood from clotting while they are drinking.

People with fair skin usually have a stronger reaction to mosquito bites, however, the bites are simply more prominent. Therefore, fair-skinned people are not more attractive to mosquitoes.


Are Mosquitoes more attracted to your blood type?

We all knew that mosquitoes are attracted to blood, that’s because female mosquitoes are harvesting proteins from the blood. However, people with Type O blood should wear extra repellent.

According to one study mosquitoes are least attracted to Type A, most attracted to Type O, and Type B falls in the middle.

However, even if you have Type B blood, there may be other factors related to your genes that could attract them to you and you cannot control them. Therefore, it is still important that you take precautions to avoid mosquitoes. 


Are Mosquitoes more attracted to you during pregnancy?

Many studies have shown that pregnant women are bitten almost twice as many times as others.

This is expected to be due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide you’re emitting with each exhale as well as the increase in body temperature.

With the increased threat of the Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses, it is extremely important to use bug spray when spending time outdoors for the safety of you and your bundle of joy.


Does your Clothing Choice Attract more Mosquitoes?

This theory has been up for debate for a while, however, there are studies that show wearing blacks, dark blues, and reds are more attractive to mosquitoes.

This is simply because these colors are easier for them to spot.

It is also recommended that you cover as much skin as possible when spending time outdoors. wearing long sleeves and pants won’t 100% prevent you from getting bit in those areas, but it will greatly decrease the chances.


How can I avoid mosquitoes?

With the collection of some of the above-mentioned recommendations, as well as the proper use of bug spray with DEET, you should be able to decrease the number of mosquito bites.

However, you can also do your part to stop mosquitoes in your own backyard. Contact American Pest to learn more about our monthly Mosquito Control Plan.