1. Common Mosquito Breeding Sites

JANUARY 28 2022 /

Common Mosquito Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes are commonly considered to be one of the most aggravating pests of spring, summer, and even fall. With the threat of many mosquito-borne viruses increasing, it is important that you know how to avoid these pesky insects.

Do you know how many potential breeding sites are around your home?



Potential Breeding Sites

Clogged leaves in roof gutters will effect the drainage system, and could gather stagnant water. Prevent this by cleaning your gutters regularly.

Along with being a mosquito breeding site, clogged gutters will cause water not to drain properly, and could cause a pool around the foundation of your home that will attract many pests, including termites.


Most people know that garbage will attract bugs. Open trashcans may cause rainwater to collect on top of trash bags, or in the bottom of the can.

This provides mosquitoes with another breeding site, and also gives other pests a feast of food. 


Stagnant water in pet bowls makes for an excellent mosquito breeding site. Make sure to empty, clean, and replace the water at least once a week. 


Bird baths are a common breeding site, because many homeowners don't think to clean them. You should empty the bird bath once a week, or place "mosquito dunkers" into the water.

These small round products are made to be dropped into small pools of water, and kill mosquito larvae. 


Kiddie pools are shallow, and a common breeding site when left unused. There are a few options to consider to keep them from breeding here.

Emptying the pool is probably the best option, however, we understand refilling daily could be aggravating.

Keep the pool clean, chlorinated, and covered when not in use. If you choose to keep the pool full, we highly recommend emptying, cleaning, and refilling the pool at least every month, if not every week. 


Old tires and tire swings are an extremely common breeding site for mosquitoes, as they collect rainwater.

In reality, it's best not to store unused items like this in your yard due to clutter. Pests love clutter.

If you do store tires in your yard, ensure that you empty them after every rain to keep them from attracting mosquitoes. 


We understand you don't want to bring your kids' toys inside after they've gotten them covered in mud and dirt.

However, even the smallest toy could potentially be a breeding site for mosquitoes. So, if you must store these items outside, empty them after each rainfall as well. 


Flowers need water to survive. However, the saucers that many people store under their plants holds the perfect amount of water for breeding. Simply empty and clean these weekly, and you should be fine. 


Extra Mosquito Protection

A) To keep mosquitoes and other pests out, make sure that you have screens over all your windows. Check them occasionally to make sure there are no tears that would give mosquitoes access to your home.

B) Mosquito tiki torches and citronella candles are commonly used during BBQ's all over the country during the summer to repel mosquitoes. However, keep in mind these are only effective in the immediate vicinity.

Make sure that you have followed other precautions, such as applying insect repellent, before spending time outdoors. 


C)  Place grills in a sunny location away from trees and tall grass. This will not only deter mosquitoes, but other insects as well.

If your grill uses gas or propane, consider keeping a citronella candle nearby.  When the grill is cool and in storage, you could place some mosquito deterrents in a bowl inside of the grill.

Do not place it directly on the grill as this may affect the flavor of your food the next time you BBQ. 


D) Four-legged family members tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Unfortunately, they could get itchy mosquito bites as well, and even contract heartworm disease.

Make sure that you are taking precautions to protect your pet from these pests, and ask your veterinarian for their recommendations. 


E) We understand that eliminating all of the potential breeding sites around your home may seem like a lot of work. So, contact us today, and let us take some of that stress off of your shoulders.

Our mosquito control program is an excellent way to take back your yard. Not only will it protect you from mosquitoes, but also ticks that carry their own collection of diseases like Lyme disease. Call us today, and let us help you.