1. Do Carpenter Ants Remain Active During The Fall And Winter?

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Do Carpenter Ants Remain Active During The Fall And Winter?

We share the planet with a lot of animals and insects, some that we wish to never come into contact with. For many people snakes, bats, and spiders make the top of their critters to avoid list.

While other animals and bugs we find a lot less threatening, take for instance the ant.

For most people ants are a pest that they see almost every day through the spring and summer; their small size and easy suitability means we often disregard their potential for inflicting damage to our personal property.


Why Carpenter Ants Are A Threat

It is true, most species of ants that you come into contact with are just a nuisance and really pose no danger to you or your property, however, this is not true of all ant species.

Some ant species deserve more respect than we give them because of the massive amount of damages that they can cause to our homes; the ant species we are referring to is the carpenter ant.

Carpenter ants are usually identified by their larger size; adults can grow to 1/2 of an inch in length.

Carpenter ants like many other species live outside but are attracted to homes and properties that offer them easy access to food and water sources.

Once they have found their way into your home while foraging for food, they may decide to stay and create satellite colonies behind your home’s walls and inside of its structural wood.


Carpenter Ants In The Fall and Winter

All too often we don’t give ants enough credit for the harm they can cause, even when we see them, we ignore them thinking that they will go away when the weather cools.

But, if damaging carpenter ants have already made their home inside of yours, they won’t be going away when the weather turns cold.

They will be enjoying the comfortable temperature controlled environment your home offers; tunneling and expanding their nesting galleries behind your home’s walls throughout the entire fall and winter seasons, causing extensive and expensive structural damages.


How to Eliminate a Carpenter Ant Infestation

An ant infestation, especially a carpenter ant infestation is not something that can be ignored, it is not something that can be solved by stepping on a stray ant here or there; it is a problem that needs to be addressed by trained professionals.

To eliminate a carpenter ant or any other species of ant that has decided to take up residence in your home and to keep them from returning throughout the entire year, trust American Pest’s Preferred Care services.

Through any of our year-round services, our professionals will develop a targeted plan of action to rid your home of ants and other household invaders with eco-effective treatment options and exclusion techniques.

Eliminate ants from your home and property once and for all with the help of the ant control experts at American Pest!