1. Earwig Prevention Tips Every Maryland Resident Should Know

MARCH 03 2022 / HOME

Earwig Prevention Tips Every Maryland Resident Should Know

An earwig is an intimidating looking insect, with pincers coming out of their abdomen. They have the appearance of wings, but most are unable to use them to fly.

When they need to defend themselves, they release a foul-smelling liquid and use their pincers to fight with rival earwigs.

Earwigs also produce pheromones which enable them to cluster together in groups. People fear that earwigs climb into ears while they’re sleeping, but this is a myth.

Still, they are not pleasant to have around, so here’s what you need to know about preventing earwigs in Maryland.


How Did Earwigs Get Inside My House?

When the weather changes, earwigs seek out new places for food and shelter. They often find themselves indoors accidentally,  by simply wandering in through an open door, or on someone’s clothing.

They also may have found their way inside due to the allure of light and heat that attracts so many insects.

However, earwigs may have come intentionally when seeking cool, damp locations when there is a drought outside.

Once inside, homeowners tend to discover earwigs in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, because they stay close to the sources of water.

While they may wander around the entire home, it is rare to have an actual growing infestation of earwigs centered inside your house.


Earwig Control Tips

If you are struggling to control earwigs in your Maryland home, start with eliminating their hiding places.

Even though they do better outside, for the most part, they can still become quite a nuisance, and having favorable conditions is often the key.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce the potential for an earwig infestation:


⭐ Keep decorative stones, landscaping logs, and firewood piles far away from your foundation

⭐ Keep a 6” to 12” wide dry zone between your foundation and mulch or other landscaping material

⭐ Make sure gutters and downspouts are draining water effectively away from the house

⭐ Repair screens and seal all potential access points into the house

⭐ Use a dehumidifier in a damp basement


While do-it-yourself pest control techniques and tricks may be somewhat helpful in getting rid of earwigs and other pests, it’s really just a guessing game.

Without the experience and knowledge, licensed pest control technicians have, your strategies are just what you think may work, and can end up costing you more time and money in trial and error than if you just hired an expert.

American Pest will help get rid of earwigs, and we offer a year-round pest control solution to ensure you can enjoy your home pest free every season of the year. 

Contact American Pest and get more information about controlling earwigs and other pests around your Maryland home!