1. Everything You Absolutely Need To Know About Bed Bugs

AUGUST 18 2023 /

Everything You Absolutely Need To Know About Bed Bugs

This is your no fluff bed bugs fact sheet. Run down through these and see if you are prepared to deal with bed bugs in your Montgomery County home.


⭐ Bed bugs hitchhike. If you have them in your house there is a solid chance you or someone else brought them in.

⭐ Bed bugs hide in clothes, bags, luggage, used furniture, and bedding.

⭐ If one of your kids recently came home from college, you have a higher chance of bed bugs.

⭐ If you recently returned from a vacation you have a higher risk of bed bugs.

⭐ Bed bugs infest even the nicest 5-star resorts and hotels.

⭐ Bed bugs feed on blood. They cannot breed or live without it. For this reason they will nest in rooms that have a bed.

⭐ These bugs eat many times a night. If you find mosquito type bites that appear in a clump or a row, this is a good indication of bed bugs.

⭐ Some people have no reaction to the anticoagulant that bed bugs inject into the bites they make.

⭐ Some people have severe and immediate reaction to this anticoagulant, and wake up with large rashes.

⭐ Most people develop more of a rash with continued exposure to bed bug anticoagulant.

⭐Bed bugs live in mattresses, but they can also live in chairs, couches, electrical boxes, wall voids, back boards, and portable computers.

⭐ Bed bugs look like tiny brown seeds when they are young. They can be as big as ¼ of an inch when full grown, and filled with blood.

⭐ These bugs are not vectors for disease, but they can spread illness in a home.

⭐ Bed bugs leave their feces in mattresses. Look for black fecal residue in the seams or on the corners of mattresses.

⭐ Bed bugs can leave blood stains on sheets and pillowcases after feeding.

⭐ They can also infest couches and chairs.

⭐ Putting clothing through a washer and dryer on the hottest temperature can kill all stages of bed bug development.

⭐ 120 F kills bed bugs.

⭐ Some pest management companies employ bed bug sniffing canines. These k-9 bed bug inspectors can pinpoint infestations and help these companies eradicate these bugs discreetly before heating units are needed.


Be cautions when traveling, check your kids when they return from college, and get routine inspections from a professional pest control company that employs K-9 bed bug inspectors. There is never any reason to have bed bugs--not when they can be so easily prevented.