1. Flea Infestation Without Pets

FEBRUARY 24 2022 /

Flea Infestation Without Pets

You don’t have a cat, dog, rabbit, or even a fish living in your home; so when you hear talk about fleas, you may feel relieved that they are one pest you will never have to deal with in your home!

Well, unfortunately, the experts at American Pest are here to tell you that you don’t have to be a pet owner for a flea infestation to occur in your home.

A flea infestation can happen to anyone and the more knowledge you have about how fleas can invade, the less likely it is that they will take over your home.

So you are probably asking yourself, if my home is pet free, how can it possibly become infested with fleas? Well, there are actually several different ways that this could happen!


If you have moved into a new home or apartment and the previous occupants had pets, there could be eggs left behind that will hatch and cause an infestation.

Pests like mice, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks are often infested with fleas. If you have had problems with wild animals in your home, even if they are long gone, the fleas that they introduced could remain.

Neighborhood dogs or cats that live near or wander through your property may leave behind fleas that then jump on you, your clothing, or your shoes as you are spending time in your yard, you may then unknowingly introduce them into your home.

Used furniture that you have purchased for your home from yard sales or thrift stores may have fleas or their eggs hiding in them.

Family or friends that have visited your home with their pets may have unintentionally brought fleas into your home.


What to Do if You Found Fleas in Your Home

So as you can see there are many ways that fleas can be introduced into a home.

Pets, while the most common culprit, are not the only culprit! As a homeowner what do you do when your home has been infested with fleas?

The answer is simple; call a professional.

Fleas are a very difficult pest to eliminate without expert help. Fleas reproduce quickly and invade areas throughout your entire home, they are very small and difficult to spot, they jump and move very quickly, they are almost impossible to squish, and they will bite you and your family members in order to have a blood meal.

At American Pest we have very effective treatment solutions for fleas.

Our professionals have the experience and patience needed to solve any flea infestation - big or small. Our flea control experts will inspect your home and property and locate any and all infestations.

Any flea infestations that are found either inside or outside of your home will be treated.

American Pest uses flea control products that are very safe for you and your family to be around, but at the same time they are extremely effective at eliminating all flea adults, eggs, and larvae.

If you suspect that fleas have found a way into your home, give American Pest a call. We would be happy to go over our flea treatment service options with you and provide you with an industry leading, safe, and affordable flea control solution!