1. Fly Attacks Resident In Northern Virginia

MARCH 02 2022 /

Fly Attacks Resident In Northern Virginia

You probably won't see this news story in the media anytime soon--but you should. Every single day someone in Northern Virginia gets attacked by a fly.

It happens just as easily on a dark alley--next to a dumpster--as it does in our own kitchens and living rooms. Without warning, and without provocation, these thugs come out of nowhere and bash into us.

How long will we let this injustice go on? And, more importantly, how long will the "mainstream media" continue to ignore this problem when it is right in our face? Literally!

It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and start saying no to bullying. It is time for us to equip ourselves for the battle--Jackie Chan style! Here are a few tips to get you there.

Karate doesn't work on flies, even Jackie Chan knows this. He uses a fly swatter. But that isn't going to help you much in the war against flies.

Sure, you can kill flies with a swatter, but you're not doing anything to stop the problem. All you'll do is smear fly guts everywhere.

How do you stop the problem? You need to figure out where the flies are breeding and stop it from happening.


Where can I find a fly breeding site?

⭐ The most common place for house flies is your trash can.

Flies look for rotting organic material to lay their eggs in. This is so their babies (maggots) have something to eat when they hatch.

Seal your trash cans and you'll be breeding fewer flies inside your kitchen and bathrooms.

Yup. Bathroom trash cans may also have flies breeding in them. If one of the kids left a piece of fruit or dropped some other food product in there, flies can breed in it.


⭐ Some flies breed in your drain. These are appropriately called drain flies.

If you have a ton of flies in your kitchen, this might be your pest. Seal the drain off with a screen, some clear tape or some cling wrap and see if flies collect under it.

If you have drain flies, call a professional. There are ways to kill drain flies, but some are poisonous, and many do not keep the drain flies from coming back.


⭐ If fruit flies are your problem, fruit will be the root of your problem.

You may not know this, but when you purchase fruit from the grocery store, it may already have fruit fly eggs on it.

When you bring that fruit home and leave it to ripen on the table or counter, you invite those eggs to hatch. Try leaving your fruit in the refrigerator instead.

Your fruit will still ripen, but those eggs will not hatch in there.


There are many places inside and outside your home where flies can breed. If you continue to get flies, give us a call. Our expert technicians can show you where those breeding sites are and how to keep them fly-free. Don't be another statistic. Fight back against fly bullying.