1. Help! I Have Flying Ants In My House

FEBRUARY 22 2022 /

Help! I Have Flying Ants In My House

So, how did you find this article? Did you type "flying ants in house" or "where did these flying ants come from?" in a web search? If so, you've come to the right place.

Take a deep breath and scan down through this list of, "things you want to look for if you find flying ants." We'll get you on the right track.


Where did you find them?

The location of swarming insects can tell you something about those insects.

If they are crawling around inside your home, it is likely those insects came from inside your walls, especially if there are a lot of them.

A few swarmers here and there could have come from the outside, but a sheet of insects is a clear sign of infestation. And, unfortunately, swarmers are only produced by colonies that have been around for years.

That means you may already have years of insect damage. Read on to find out.


What insect swarmers do you have?

If you believe you have flying ants, you should make 100% sure those insects aren't termites. Termites and carpenter ants look similar when they swarm.

Look to see if there are ants crawling around with the swarmers.

After mating, swarmers lose their wings and will be seen crawling around in the midst. You can also look to see if the insect has a waist. Ants have a noticeable waist. Termites do not.


If you have ants swarmers, how big are they?

Of all ant species, the ant that can cause the most issues is the carpenter ant. These ant swarmers will be larger than 3.4 mm in length and are generally black in color.

If your swarmers are carpenter ants, you need to know that your home is in danger.

Carpenter ants will bore galleries through your home and weaken the structure. And, now that they are swarming, there is a good chance you'll soon have a second nest to deal with.

No matter want insect swarmers you have, it is important to partner with a pest control provider to safely exterminate them and seal your walls from additional threat, but knowing whether or not you have termites or carpenter ants is important in determining how quickly you should act.

These are two insects that can devastate your home. If you have either of these wood-chewing pests, have them dealt with immediately.

Visit our termite control page for more information on treating termites or to learn more about how our home pest control services will help you get rid of carpenter ants, please click here. You can also reach us by phone or by filling out our form.