1. How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?

MARCH 03 2022 /

How Do You Control Pests During a Home Remodel?

Does your Washington, DC home need a makeover? 

If your Maryland or Northern Virginia home is experiencing or has recently experienced renovations, keep in mind that these changes may affect your efforts to keep pests out. 

Insects and rodents can easily adapt to changes made in your house’s plumbing system, walling, and flooring. They can also take advantage of your home remodeling to develop new hideouts.

Drew Hollingsworth, Account Specialist for American Pest, saw this firsthand during a recent house visit for a client:

“This customer called us after several companies had been unable to resolve her lingering rodent infestation. After a few inspections, the technician cut two holes into the wall in the area where the most activity was heard. The source of the infestation turned out to be an abandoned pipe that was left open during the renovation. The customer had recently installed new PVC pipes throughout their home, and none tied into the original cast iron stack. After we discovered this, the pipe was sealed, and a few more traps were set in the void in case additional rodents were present.”


Tips to ensure pests kept at bay during home remodel

Locate old pipes that will no longer be in use, and have them sealed off. Limiting hideouts and pathways will encourage insects and rodents to move on rather than settling in.

If you have contractors or have recruited help for your project, watch how long your doors stay open. Workers may prop doors open for extended periods of time to ease movement of heavy materials, so be aware of how much time each door spends open, and close them when they are not in use.

Inspect your home for cracks, gaps, and breaks that may have developed in walls during the remodel process, and have them sealed. This will further limit access into and around your home.

Check exhaust vents and chimneys, and have them blocked off with ¼ inch hardware cloth, which is too thick for rodents to chew through. Insect screening can also be installed behind gable vents and chimney caps, which will help keep out common pests such as wasps, mosquitoes, and flies.

Is your remodel taking place outside? Digging that disturbs the soil surrounding the foundation of your house, garage, or shed can displace “millions” of insect or rodent pests, who may then begin forcing their way into your home. Stay on the lookout for increased insect activity after digging, and make sure it is not near any access points into your home that haven’t been already treated.

⭐ Are you moving into a recently renovated home? If the house has gone through plumbing changes, look for abandoned sewer pipes that may now be playing host to pests.


American Pest hopes these tips are able to help you prevent pests from taking over your DC home during your remodel.

We are also more than happy to conduct inspections to help identify pest entry points and implement integrated pest management procedures when necessary.

For more information about how to prevent pests from taking over your home or to learn more about pest control services available in ColumbiaBethesda, or Falls Churchcontact American Pest today