1. How to Get the Bugs Out of Pine Cones

MARCH 02 2022 /

How to Get the Bugs Out of Pine Cones

There are many insects that prefer to munch on developing pine cones and if the pine cones are brought inside to sit indoors, the bugs will almost certainly crawl out and become a nuisance in your home. Pine cones may also have sap in them still which could make a mess if not dried properly.


Bake Out the Bugs

Baking your pine cones on a low temperature for about a half an hour can be just the thing to keep your Christmas free from unwanted pests. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and place your pine cones on a foil lined baking sheet or casserole dish.

Place the pine cones in the oven, making sure to check them often so they don’t burn. Once the pine cones have opened up and the sap has had a chance to seep out and dry up, the pine cones are done. This should only take about 30 minutes.



A quick dunk in some warm water mixed with vinegar should also do the trick to keep pesky bugs out of your pine cone projects this season. Mix two parts warm water with one part regular white vinegar and place pine cones in the solution for about 20-30 minutes.

To ensure the pine cones are fully submerged, place something heavy on top of them, like a dinner plate. The amount of water and vinegar you’ll need depends on how many pine cones you want to clean at one time.

We suggest for five or more pine cones, to fill the kitchen sink about two-thirds of the way up with water and then dump some vinegar in. This should kill whatever bugs have taken up residence in your pine cones and leave them fresh for crafts. Be sure you let them dry completely before beginning your crafts!


Below, we’ve featured some of our social media team’s favorite pine cone projects from across the web!

Happy Holidays!