1. It's Never Too Early To Prepare For Spring Pests


It's Never Too Early To Prepare For Spring Pests

To avoid pest invasions during this long winter season, consider tackling those indoor cleaning projects to help prevent spring bugs from coming into your house. Residing in a home with pests is quite stressful and can lead you feeling like there's no way out!

The thought of cockroaches or silverfish making their way around makes some people cringe at the prospect; but if these unwanted guests come marching inside our homes we'll need professional assistance quickly before things get too bad (and remember: It doesn't matter how small an issue seems- even something as simple dried wings on dishes could mean hours lost productivity).


Check for any holes or any potential points of entry

Marching through your indoor spring cleaning projects is a great way to rid the house of pesky pests. You'll want to be on the watch for any signs that insects may have taken up residence in or around your home, as well-watch out if you see proof like bug excrement left behind after they've been evacuation from one room and then return again later!


Check for leaks or excess moisture, water sources will attract a wide variety of pests

Don't forget about the screens! Check for any holes and make sure you don’t have excess moisture near sinks or under them.

You might also want to check outside, as bugs can enter your home from these areas too - so be aware of what's going on around every corner before it becomes an issue in our homes
Inspect all window treatments carefully; even small breaches will let insects wander into places they shouldn't (like living rooms). And never underestimate how much trouble one little pest could cause if left unchecked: termites love eating wood products like furniture polish.

Keep countertops clean, use sealed containers and wipe up any crumbs that may have gone unnoticed

Indulging in some indoor cleaning projects will not only give you that satisfying feeling of springtime but also help prevent an infestation. This year starts with a thorough kitchen; the space under appliances like stoves and refrigerators are ideal sources for insects as well as bugs!

It's easy to miss crumbs or spills when they're hidden away so take time out during your holiday break - between Christmas trees light displays--to scrub these areas otherwise impossible to reach without climbing on top of furniture first. Contact American Pest and inquire about our Preferred Care programs.