1. Just Say No to Stink Bug Traps

FEBRUARY 23 2022 /

Just Say No to Stink Bug Traps

If you scour the internet on the topic of stink bug traps, you will think that this is the miracle solution you've been looking for.

For sure. But, you have to remember that most of those people telling you how great stink bugs traps are, probably want to sell you one.

That means they're motivated to make you a believer. All we can say is: don't believe everything you read. Most stink bug traps don't work at all, and the few that do have a potential to make your problem worse.


Traps that don't work

You can put these traps in the middle of a room full of stink bugs and those stink bugs won't care. One review for a trap that claims to have a "secret scent that attracts stink bugs," says it best.

"A couple of these (stink bugs) had only landed there because I'd gotten annoyed and flicked them unto the glue pad from where they were crawling a few inches away, totally oblivious to the trap's enticements."

A review from another product points out, "I am overloaded with stink bugs, so I purchased this trap. It has been in the garden 2 weeks and has caught no stink bugs. There are stink bugs all over the garden but none in the trap."

These reviews are common. In fact, this one came from a product that has 72% 1-star ratings on Amazon.

In all fairness, there are some things that can cause these traps to be ineffective.

When the temperature drops or if it gets too rainy, many traps will cease to be effective.

If you put a trap inside a bush it will no longer be effective. But, most of the time, it isn't you. Many of these traps simply don't work.


Traps that work

Some traps do lure stink bugs in and some of them actually catch stink bugs. It is true. You might even catch a few dozen. But there are two problems with this.

First of all, two dozen stink bugs is nothing when your property is being invaded by thousands of these pests.

Many homeowners who deal with these bugs every year would have to cart buckets of stink bugs away to even make a dent.

You should also know that even if the stink bug trap you are using is good at luring the bugs in, it is probably better at luring them than it is at trapping them.

This is often the case with bug zappers and other light traps. Those stink bugs love that light, but they aren't always good at finding their way inside the trap.

That means you're going to have more stink bugs in your yard than you had before.


Inside traps

Some people buy stink bug traps (or make them) to catch the few stink bugs that get inside their home. But, before you invest money, time and energy into trying to get those stink bugs with a trap, consider having a professional pest control company seal your exterior walls.

Even if you get the right trap and catch some stink bugs, they're still going to be bothering you until they find their way into that trap. And that is no solution at all.

Give American Pest a call. We offer actual solutions to stink bug problems that really work, all the time and every time.