1. Libraries Impacted by Bed Bugs


Libraries Impacted by Bed Bugs

You can find bed bugs in just about every facet of our lives, and now they are even impacting our libraries. It seems there is no place where people live or visit that is safe from a bed bug infestation. There are many ways bed bugs find their way into libraries.

One way is by hitching a ride on people's clothing or shoes. The person comes in and takes a seat or stops to browse, the bed bug crawls off and is now in the chair or on the carpet. Another way is when a patron whose home is infested takes out some books, bed bugs will hide in the binding, and in turn when the book is back on the shelf, infests the library.

Bed bugs have been found inside DVD cases as well as near or in computers. The next thing you know, if a library is not protected, a patron can bring bed bugs home from the library.

Spotting A Bed Bug Infestation In Public Places

If you visit a library or any public place, you should know how and where to spot a bed bug infestation. For libraries, in particular, look for these tiny bed bugs or carcasses in or around seams of chairs, on the floor, near light fixtures or outlets, and behind wall hangings.

There may also be small spots of blood, brown droppings, or tiny white eggs and casings. Of course, there is the telltale sign of red itchy dotted bites that you may experience when they have feasted on your blood.

Preventing bed bugs is extremely difficult and getting rid of an infestation is even harder. They usually feed at night and are seldom seen because they hide inside cracks and crevices. The best you can do is be aware of the signs, inspect public places that you visit, and carefully check items you take out from the library.

Controlling A Public Bed Bug Infestation

If in the event you end up with a bed bug infestation, don’t rely on DIY methods, they are highly unsuccessful and can sometimes make the situation worse.

Only experienced pest control professionals are trained to handle areas with bed bug problems and have the knowledge to eliminate them completely. In Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C., American Pest offers an excellent EPA-approved bed bug control service, including K-9 detection.

If you call us to help with your bed bug infestation we will start with a complete inspection to determine the extent of the problem and where in the area the infestation is located.

Then we will craft a specialized plan that fits your needs. Give us a call to learn more about our bed bug control options and how they can help eliminate bed bugs from your home or business.