1. Pest Control Plans To Protect Your Home


Pest Control Plans To Protect Your Home

One of the most daunting tasks that homeowners will face involves the upkeep of their homes and property. Upkeep involves anything from an occasional replacement of flooring to repainting walls.

It may call for an even more detailed remodeling of the kitchen or one of the bathrooms. However, these jobs are not a reoccurring task and allows for pre-planning and selecting a suitable time of year.

However, there is at least one ongoing task that involves the upkeep and care of the house and property. This is the need for year-round control and management of household pests. Some pests are simply a nuisance while others are destructive in addition to being a nuisance.

Still, others can compromise the health of family members and pets. Each season of time throughout the year is noted for particular pests to be on the rise. The proper management of such pests includes accurate identification and the correct method of control.

At American Pest, we understand the pressure and responsibility that goes along with pest management. Our professionals have designed three different residential pest control services from which homeowners can choose to eliminate the stress of unwanted pests.

These Preferred Care plans provide the most advanced, environmentally friendly pest control solutions designed to protect your family, home, and pets.

The Preferred Care Plan provides year-round protection against more than thirty common household pests. This unparalleled protection is scheduled six times per year and includes our Pest Free Pledge. In the unlikely event that pests return in between visits, we will return for no additional charge.

The Preferred Care Plus plan, in addition to everything in the Preferred Care plan, provides termite monitoring. Often referred to as silent destroyers, termite colonies can cause serious damage without the homeowner being aware of their presence. This ongoing monitoring of termites is vital to the protection of the home.

The Preferred Care Complete is available to the homeowner who wants the ultimate protection. In addition to everything included in the first two plans, the Preferred Care Complete includes termite treatment with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

Our certified technicians at American Pest are thoroughly equipped to survey and identify any pest activity using our S.T.A.R method of pest management and control.

We SURVEY the property and home for any presence of pests and identify pest entry points. We then TARGET with customized treatment for all pest control needs. From there, we ANALYZE the results of our treatment and take further action if necessary.

Finally, our certified technicians will REPORT findings back to the homeowner and offer suggestions to eliminate any future infestations.

Utilizing this S.T.A.R. system allows us to customize a plan with environmentally friendly treatments and exclusion techniques.