1. Swarming Ants In Maryland

FEBRUARY 21 2022 /

Swarming Ants In Maryland

There is something just a little unnerving when swarms of flying insects suddenly appear on your property—or worse yet, in your house.

A closer look tells you that they are ants equipped with wings! Or are they winged termites?

As with all pests, the first and most important assignment is to properly identify which pest is creating your problem. Accurate identification always preceded successful extermination.

While swarming ants and swarming termites may look similar at first glance, there are at least three characteristics that will help you determine which insect has just infested your property.

Consider the following:

⭐ Swarming ants are equipped with four wings, the front pair of which is quite larger than the hind pair.

⭐ Their antennae are bent in a 90* shape much like that of an elbow.

⭐ They have a very narrow, hourglass shaped waist. The termite has a very broad waist and straight shaped body.


What are Swarmers?

A swarmer is a member of the reproductive caste of the ant colony.

These male and female reproducers are the future kings and queens of other ant colonies. At the proper time of the year they come boiling out of the nest in large numbers.

This huge cloud of insects is referred to as a swarm. This insect mating swarm is also known and referenced as a reproductive flight.

Should I worry about swarming termites?

Actually, a sudden appearance of swarming ants is not as problematic as the continual marching of worker ants crawling across your breakfast bar. Swarming usually takes place one day and then they are gone.

If you have not previously had ant problems in your house, the sudden presence of a swarm will indicate that an ant nest is not far away but not necessarily in your home. Unless of course, the swarm occurs inside your house.

To find swarming ants in your home and/or the continual marching of worker ants showing up in the kitchen is a strong indication that you have an active ant colony in close proximity of your home that must be treated.

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