1. Termites Love Moisture

FEBRUARY 02 2022 /

Termites Love Moisture

To say that termites love moisture is an understatement. A more accurate statement is that they must have moisture.

In fact, subterranean termites cannot survive without moisture and go to great pains to build mud tunnels from their ground nest up the foundation of your home and into the house.

This is done so they never have to be exposed to dry conditions while they commute into the home to feast on your wooden structure.

The invasion of termites is a thought that brings fear and dread to all homeowners. The potential amount of damage invoked upon the wood structure of buildings can be devastating.

It is believed that termites cause as much as $5 billion damage to buildings each year. To make matters worse, most of that expense is not covered by the typical homeowner insurance policy.

In addition to loving moisture, termites love to feast on cellulose. This is the material from which many products are made. It is most abundant in its original form of wood building materials.

The termite burrows its way into the framework of your home and begins chewing away from the inside of wooden structures. These silent destroyers cause devastating amounts of damage before their presence is even made known.

The workers of the termite colony are males and females that are not capable of reproducing. They are sterile and blind. This caste makes up the largest number within the colony and is responsible for feeding all other castes, excavating the nest and making tunnels.

Needless to say, anything that can be done around the home that will discourage termites is of utmost priority.

Keeping in mind the fact that termites love moisture and must have it for survival.

The following prevention tips focusing on correcting moisture issues in and around the home will help reduce the risk of termite invasion:


⭐ Inspect all faucets, drain lines and water lines for leaks and repair as needed.

⭐ Install adequate ventilation in attics and crawl spaces to aid in humidity control.

⭐ Check cold water lines for possible condensation. This can be corrected with inexpensive foam water line insulators.

⭐ Make sure there are no gutters leaking and the downspouts flowing freely and away from foundation.

⭐ Look for any low spots in the yard, especially close to the house. Fill in low spots and ensure the yard is sloping away from the house for proper drainage.

⭐ Mulch holds moisture and keeps ground from drying out. Don’t place mulch close to the foundation. Keep firewood stacked up off the ground and a safe distance from the house.


These moisture-correcting tips will be of great benefit for preventing termite infestations. American Pest will gladly assist Montgomery County residents with inspections and other termite control measures to keep your home safe and free of these wood destroying pests.