1. The Best Way To Deal With Rats On Your Maryland Property

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The Best Way To Deal With Rats On Your Maryland Property

Rats are one pest that you can’t tolerate on your Maryland property. Ants and flies can be annoying, but panic ensues whenever rats appear — and for good reason. While rats are some of the most intelligent pests, they also cause some of the most serious problems.

Figuring out the best way to deal with rats on your Maryland property can be tricky, but there are some tried and true methods you can follow.


About Rats In Maryland  

Rats are members of the rodent family along with mice, squirrels, and chipmunks. They tend to be larger than most other North American rodents, measuring up to nine inches long plus the length of their tail.

They can be gray, brown, or black in color depending on the species and tend to have larger, blockier heads compared to mice.

Like other rodents, rats have front incisor teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives and must be whittled down constantly with compulsive gnawing.

This behavior drives rats and their rodent cousins to chew up belongings and property when they infest homes and businesses. 

Rats thrive in manmade environments and are typically found wherever there are people.

They are omnivorous and can survive on a wide variety of foods from grains to insects to garbage. Their intelligence helps them to find nourishment and shelter — and even to avoid store-bought traps and baits.


Problems Caused By Rats

Rats are responsible for causing a number of problems including disease, destruction, and parasites. These pests can pick up nasty pathogens as they scavenge for food. Bathrooms, sewers, and garbage dumpsters are all areas that rats may frequent.

Rats can spread diseases like hantavirus and salmonellosis through their droppings. 

As mentioned earlier, rats are highly destructive pests. Their strong teeth allow them to penetrate a wide variety of materials from plastic to wood to brick.

However, rats can’t chew through metal or glass. Their relentless gnawing can be dangerous, however, as they have been known to chew up electrical wiring and cause fires.

Finally, rats can carry parasites like ticks and fleas which can then spread around your property.

These parasites present their own plethora of problems, particularly causing Lyme disease and other illnesses through their bites. 


The Best Way To Deal With Rats

If you’ve got rats on your Maryland property, the best way to deal with them is to call the pros at American Pest. 

We’ve been serving customers in the Maryland area for over 90 years and we’ve evicted plenty of rats in that time.

With our rodent control services using Anticimex SMART, we’ll monitor, trap, and prevent rats on your property so you can get back to living comfortably. Get in touch with us today for more information.


How To Prevent Rats

In the meantime, there are some simple and effective rat prevention methods that you can try:

  • Seal entry points – Look around the exterior of your property for any holes or openings. Rats only need a hole about the size of a quarter or smaller to squeeze through. Seal holes with metal mesh or stuff with steel wool. Rats can chew through wood and plastic, so be sure to use metal material of some sort. 

  • Protect your trash – Try switching to metal trash cans with locking lids to prevent rats. Rinse out trash cans to eliminate food residue that attracts pests and try to place trash cans at least 20 feet from the property.

  • Don’t forget elevated areas – Some types of rats, like roof rats, can be great climbers. Be sure to keep windows closed or outfitted with screens on upper floors. Use chimney caps to prevent entry in elevated areas.

For more advice or assistance with rats on your Maryland property, contact American Pest!