1. The Difference Between Swarming Ants And Termites

APRIL 27 2022 /

The Difference Between Swarming Ants And Termites

Spring time brings a variety of insect activity – both inside and outside. No one wants to see insects in their Germantown house, especially termites and flying ants. These two pests can be a major problem for any homeowner.

Have you ever been outside working in your yard or doing spring time repairs and seen a group of swarming insects?

There are several different ways to tell a swarming ant from a termite swarmer. At first glance, they look quite similar. A trained pest control professional can identify them quite easily.

Swarming ants have a set of two wings and elbowed, or bending, antennae. The ant’s wings are different sizes.

The set closer to the ant’s head is a little bit longer than the rear set.

Swarming ants also have a narrower waist; this trait is much harder to notice when they are on the move.

Swarming termites, or reproductives, also have two sets of wings, just like the swarming ant. Although, the antennae on termites are straight and do not bend.


Swarming presence of either insect indicates mating.

Winged ants or termites are the reproductive insect of both ants and termites. They are swarming to find mates and start their own colonies. Both ants and termites will break off their wings after mating.

If you have a problem with these pests you may notice or find piles of wings. Winged termites and ants have the ability to fly right into your home through an open window or door.

It is also a possibility that a colony has already been established in your home and that colony may be looking to expand.

They could also have flown in through an open window. Either way, the problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

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